February 12, 2018 2 Comments

Hey Prepsters,

It’s crazy to think how far I’ve been able to come over the past 5 years. When I started blogging, I was a major low-point in my life. I was dealing with a bunch of school related issues; friend problems and I found myself becoming somebody I didn’t even like, nor recognize. But now, I graduated from school, I turned my passion for blogging into a real career and landed a dream marketing job within a month of graduating. The change didn’t come overnight, and it required self-awareness and hard work, nevertheless, I’m proud of who I am now and I definitely have seen an amazing change in myself. Okay, I’m done tooting my own horn, but here is a list of things that really were effective and made me become a more positive person.

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February 11, 2018 0 comments

Hey Prepsters,

I’m super excited to dive into the super popular Deciem brand. Deciem has had a sharp rise to stardom in recent years with the likes of Kim Kardashian and other youtubers and celebrities showing it major love. But are the products really worth the hype? We will find out! Last month, I stopped by the Deciem location at Square One and asked the associate to select the most popular skincare products from The Ordinary line, as well as the most popular product from their Niod collection. Continue Reading

My Toronto Fashion Week Survival Guide – TFW

February 4, 2018 1 Comment

Toronto’s foremost premiere fashion event, Toronto Fashion Week TFW is back, and I’m thrilled to be returning to the shows. It’s insane for me to just even think about it, but 4 years ago, my first foray into the fashion industry was through attending Toronto Fashion Week. And I quickly learned about a few things that one needed to carry at all times during the show! So here’s my TFW Survival Guide: Continue Reading

Perfect The Casual Weekend Look ft. Giant Tiger

January 30, 2018 0 comments
Hey Prepsters,

The Canadian weather recently has been a little bit all over the place and we’re even seeing spurts of mildly warmer temperatures! This means that there are a lot of people who are looking for a little weekend getaway, whether it maybe a little road trip, a cottage escape or even staycation. I have partnered with Giant Tiger to share a few of my favourite things to wear while I’m kicking it on the weekend.

1. The Casual Shirt

Casual shirts are difficult to get right. Sometimes shirts can be on the fence of being too formal, while also being too casual to be worn formally. However, Giant Tiger’s brand Mountain Ridge does a phenomenal job of getting the casual shirt just right. You can choose between poplin (such as the one I am wearing), and the uber Canadian flannel. You can find Mountain Ridge shirts at Giant Tiger, all for under $29!

2. Comfortable knitwear

The easiest way to layer a look effortlessly is to throw on a comfy sweater. I personally am obsessed with this zip up cardigan from Giant Tiger’s exclusive brand, Mountain Ridge because the marled combo mix is subtle, but also makes a statement on its own! Plus I love the cozy cabin vibe that it gives!

3. Denim over everything!

Finding the perfect pair of jeans for an affordable price is practically impossible nowadays. BUT! Giant Tiger scored big time with their Mountain Ridge and Levi’s Strauss Signature jeans, which are all available for under $29!

4. Casual high-tops are a must!

Finally, you can complete the casual weekend look with a pair of high top sneakers or boots (depending on the whether) from Giant Tiger!

This post is sponsored by Giant Tiger.

The GO Transit #EtiquetteFail Book! Release Date & More!

January 22, 2018 0 comments
Hey Prepsters,

As you may have heard, I have teamed up with GO Transit to help spread the word about their #EtiquetteFail campaign! GO Transit has been my personal mode of transportation for getting to my school in Toronto for over 5 years and I have experienced a million different etiquette fails! So as a person who relies on GO, I was super stoked when they wanted to get us who use the GO on a regular basis to speak up and share our experiences of seeing less than ideal etiquette on social media. Hopefully, this will get people to step up their etiquette game, helping to make riding the GO an enjoyable experience for all. Continue Reading

What to look for when buying an entry-level luxury watch | #WatchWednesdays

January 3, 2018 0 comments

Hey Prepsters,

A watch is the ultimate accessory for a gentleman. They are a great way to express your personal style, and can also hold sentimental value for some. I personally started collecting watches seriously when I graduated high school and although I have pieces that vary from price points, I tend to love them all equally. A great way to get into the watch collecting game is to purchase an entry-level luxury watch. Entry-Level watches start from $300 and range up to $1000. Despite there being a ton of different brands out there, that are charging an entry-level price point, not all watches are made the same. So here’s a list of qualities that you should look for when purchasing an entry-level watch. Continue Reading


January 2, 2018 1 Comment

Hey Prepsters,

I have just re-launched the #AskTPG series on the blog! I still had a few questions sent to me, that I had responded to privately, which I thought could help you guys out there by sharing on the blog. A question that I often get asked is, why are luxury dress shirts so expensive? And what are the hallmarks of a quality made dress shirt? If you do have a question, feel free to tweet at myself @ThePrepGuy with the hashtag #ASKTPG and or dm myself on Instagram @theprepguy.

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My New Years Resolutions & Goals | 2018

January 1, 2018 0 comments

Hey Prepsters,

The New Year is always a time of personal reflection and goal setting for all of us, and myself included. I take the time to really look back at what I did in the prior year, and was able to accomplish and even things that I didn’t accomplish, in order to set new goals to achieve in the future months.

Personally, despite having a somewhat successful 2017, I honestly felt like university really held me back in seeing the same level of growth with my blog as previous years. But now that I have graduated my undergrad, I will have time to really work on putting the blog on the forefront! However, I’m excited to see what 2018 holds for me. I have many dreams and aspirations that I can’t wait to fulfill.

I am a firm believer in sharing some of your goals with others so that you’re more inclined in achieving it. So here are a few of my biggest goals for 2018! Continue Reading