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This look is featured in Torontolife.com’s Best Dressed Bloggers at WMCFW

Hey it’s me, The Prep Guy. I created this section because I wanted you to know a little bit more about who I am and what made me start this blog. My name (for those who don’t know) is Syed Sohail. I am a Toronto based Blogger, Writer and Marketing Student. The Prep Guy was created based on my love for style and well… because of my preppy aesthetic. I started this blog to keep track of outfits I put together from online shops and to organize my thoughts on what I would wear and buy. When I first started the blog, it had privacy settings, so that I would have been the only person to see this. It was my online private style journal. After a few months of creating and having this private style journal, I thought that I would share it to the world. I really didn’t expect a single visitor, but somehow I managed to get more and more views and emails asking me to post more outfit suggestions, outfit pictures, and post blogs of things that I liked. So I did. Today The Prep Guy has evolved into a website for everyone to take a look and find some inspiration from some of my favourite fashion finds, outfits, styling portfolio and other stylish things I love. I invite you to continue to join my journey in style.

-Syed Sohail

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