Bag of the Week: Tom Ford, Leather & Feather Bag

Hey everyone! Welcome back for this weeks Bag of the week. Just a few days ago – became a shop-able experience, so in ode to that, I am featuring TF. Now, you can’t expect anything but sexy when it comes to how Mr. Ford markets his bags, but they are truly the best out there in terms of quality. Like the shoes of this week, I chose to go for a black and white colour theme for the bag of choice. I think the bag is cool because it is a timeless look, and is one of the few bags that any girl or woman can wear. The price is of-course…. well do I even have to say much? It’s Tom Ford! The bag is currently available for just under $3,000, So all you big spenders – here’s a bag-vestment to look into!
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Love – Syed, TPG

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