I wanted to create this post (not necessarily a rant) because I feel that there are a lot of people who ask me for advice for their blogs, and it baffles me to the extents that they will go to get their names out there. Blogging is a business and the number one priority of a blogger should be creating good content for their readers. However, I have noticed that there are some new bloggers who think it is all about what labels that they are wearing and showcasing how much money they can spend on a bag. However, that defeats the purpose of having a blog. I don’t mean to bash anyone or make it sound as if I am just talking smack about people with privileged lives. I know many bloggers that have found real success within the industry other than myself who worked hard to create their blog following, and only a handful of them came from wealthy background. Even then, the wealthy bloggers who found success paid their dues and worked their asses off to get to where they are today.

When I see certain bloggers asking me for advice on how to get the success in blogging that I did, I always tell them to stay true to yourself and people will (or will not) like you for you (the same advice I got from other bloggers). But then I go on their Instagram accounts and all they talk about is the price tag of what they are wearing, instead of showcasing their personal style and content. I started my blog with a set of 500 business cards that I got for $30 and a domain name that I purchased of $1 (I am a coupon king). I always had the intention of treating my blog as a business, as soon as I decided to make it public, and part of succeeding was controlling my finances.

I have never felt the pressure to buy expensive Hermes bags, or Tod’s shoes because it wouldn’t be a logical expense. Why would I spend thousands of dollars to only receive a couple thousand likes on social media? It just baffles me with that new bloggers would think with that kind of logic. I always stayed within the means of my budget, and never once considered buying anything for unless I knew that I would be making a return on my investment. The only thing I want to say to all of these new bloggers who think it is going to help them by spending unreasonable amounts of money (which is most likely their parents), is that it will not do a damn thing. Invest wisely in a few key pieces, know what kind of budget your audience has and work hard by creating amazing content and networking your way to the top. Nobody will care if you didn’t buy the newest “it” bag that Kimye brought because it will not be relatable to your viewers to begin with. If anything, by succeeding without having to spend tons of money will only make you more grateful for your success.

If you want proof; just check out what my twitter followers had to say about it:

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    1. The Prep Guy Author says:


  1. Sergio Reveres says:

    I totally agree with everything you said! You’ve definitely come really far since I first followed your blog keep it up

  2. Hard work always pays off The Prep Guy! It is nice to see a blogger doing well that dresses well.

  3. BOSS! Now that’s how you do it. $30 and you’ve become one of the biggest menswear bloggers in the nation.

  4. I have to say you’re a huge inspiration especially since you started right here in the GTA! Keep doing you!

    1. The Prep Guy Author says:

      Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me considering coming from the GTA it is so difficult to break in the industry! 🙂

  5. I love this! Amazing work, Syed. Always knew your potential the first time we met 🙂

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