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posted by The Prep Guy June 11, 2015 1 Comment

Superstar David Beckham and British moto-heritage brand Belstaff have joined together for an amazing mens outerwear line for this fall season. The capsule collection features 12 pieces ranging from t-shirts, jeans, gloves, bandanas and outerwear. Quite frankly, in my opinion there is nothing really special about the collection apart from the outerwear because the pieces are basically over-priced essentials. Also, I found it to be a shame that they didn’t use David Beckham to star in the campaign shots either. Nonetheless, the jackets are simple yet elegant and are pieces that can be worn by all men. My favourite piece in the collection is the Moore Blouson which comes in the olive green colour-way and has a super sharp removable fur collar. Overall the collection left me underwhelmed as I expected more from both David Beckham and Belstaff on a design/creativity level.


The David Beckham for Belstaff Collection is available now at www.Belstaff.com

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1 Comment

Robert June 12, 2015 at 6:33 pm

Great Post! You’re cmpletely accurate on the fact that it wasn’t creative and they should have used David in the campaign. Congrats on all the success with your blog and NYFW Syed!


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