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Hey Prepsters,

The Jacket

For day two of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week aka TOM*FW I teamed up with Le Chateau for a head to toe look. I started this look from the first piece I selected, the suede bomber jacket. Might I add, yesterday a fashion week goer asked if it was Brunello Cucinelli, so I told him to knock off a couple of thousands of dollars. This beautiful real suede bomber retails for only $250 which is incredible. The quality and workmanship of the jacket is truly outstanding for that price point. I also liked how rather than having a “streetwear” baggy look that many people are rocking nowadays, this jacket has a clean and professional cut. The black ribbing goes perfectly with the midnight blue suede combo, and is contrasted with the burnished gold hardware.

Buy it, Love it: The Suede Slim Fit Bomber Jacket, $250

The Turtleneck

Last season of World Mastercard Fashion Week, I had teamed up with Le Chateau and picked out the same turtleneck in black. The turtleneck literally became my favourite top for the whole fall/winter season, so I definitely wanted to try one in grey. Also, with the look, I knew I was doing a lot of black and blue pieces and I needed to break it up in a subtle way. Because the turtleneck is 100% cotton, it was perfect because it was warm enough for when we were outside, and cool enough for the runway shows.

Buy it, Love it: The Cotton Turtleneck, $59.95


The Hat

I love a good fedora/bowler hat, so when I came across this guy in store, I instantly fell in love. It also happened to match the bomber jacket perfectly. The hat is constructed of 100% navy coloured wool for breathability and the band is black suede.

Buy it, Love it: Sold out online, Reference code: TPN15003

The Stretch Trouser

These stretch jeans are my go-tos for the whole week. Yep! There’s no shame to my game. These are seriously the most comfortable pair of pants in my arsenal with a ton of stretch in em. I actually injured my leg, so I really appreciated the comfort in these jeans, making my week a little bit more bearable.

Buy it, Love it: The Stretch Trouser, &79.95


The Italian-Made Chelsea Boot

These Italian chelsea’s are absolutely beautiful. The leather is buttery and supple, the shape is perfect for a sharper look, and their incredibly versatile. The perfect staple for every man’s wardrobe.

Buy it, Love it: The Italian-Made Chelsea Boot $200

The Watch

The MOVADO museum watch is minimal and sleek, and it worked with the flow of the look.

The Gloves

These fingerless gloves are from Forever 21 Men and made from real leather. Complete steal for only $18.



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