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Hey Prepsters,

I’ve made a conscious decision this year to really speak up! In the past, I have been pretty vocal about many issues us big guys deal with, but now, I want to actually invoke a change at the front and behind the scenes with retailers – and show them why offering sizes that fit larger guys is important.

Now, as much as I do love visiting Zara, and dreaming that Inditex will finally show us thicker guys some love. I typically stick to accessories because those are the only options that fit on me. But when I saw this one coat, it was love at first sight! I was hesitant to even try it on because I have a history of not fitting in anything there, but I’m so glad that I did! Realistically this coat fits one size up from other Zara coats (it’s a XXL, but fits like a XXXL). Although I love the coat and it looks cute AF on me. I still regret purchasing it, and you know why? Because I know that Zara has zero F’s to give when it comes to plus size men and women.

Inditex is one of the world’s biggest clothing conglomerates, meaning that they do have the means, resources and capital to invest in offering a more universal size range. Additionally, I know that Zara is notorious for their smaller cuts of clothing as well, and I’ve heard a lot of my friends who are standard sizes complaining about it as well.

But when we look at other comparable retailers, like H&M and ASOS, you can see that they want to make some effort to truly appeal to all markets without excluding other consumers. H&M recently rolled out extended sizes for men, and plus sizes for women – and yes, these sections are quite lackluster, but it’s still a step in the right direction. ASOS on the other hand, hit it out of the park with their incredible Plus Size ranges for both men and women – and guess what us plus-sized people did? We showed them that our dollar matters and made it a giant success! I’ve personally spent over a few thousand at ASOS.

So I want to challenge Inditex to really step it up! It’s almost 2019 and we NEED Zara and Massimo Dutti to make an effort towards body inclusivity. I’m not going to lie, I’m obsessed with what both brands out and I’ve often said, that if you can fit in Zara, there’s really no reason to dress poorly.

I’m going to need y’all do call out Zara, share this post, tag Zara and really let them know that us larger folk deserve plus size ranges for both men and women. There is a demand, but I think we need to collectively show them how big the demand is! Let’s make a change and let’s do it together!


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