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Sunglasses are my personal favourite accessories, and if you follow me on instagram, you would see that my collection is growing on a regular basis. I personally have an oval face shape, which is great for wearing many types of sunglasses. Unfortunately, not every style suits my face shape, so after a bit of research, I made this guide to help all my readers!

There are three shapes that we will look at; oval, square and triangular/heart and to make it easy – I will provide some of my personal fave picks for you to shop for!

oval.pngAs I stated before, the oval head shape is perfect for almost every style of sunglasses – aside any oval shape of course. The best styles that I recommend for an oval face shape are structured sunglasses, mainly because the contrast will be the most flattering out of all of the options. Something a long the lines of a wayfarer or a club master would be great, but you could also go for rectangular options.


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A square faced shape results in a wider face shape, which is typically great for wider frames. The key thing to picking sunnies for a square shaped face is to contrast it with a circular frame shape. Even though circular frames would be the best pick, don’t be afraid of trying a curved edge square frame. Circular Aviators are another style that would be perfect, but do stay away from any square aviators as it will not suit you.

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triangular heart
The triangular/heart face shape is the easiest in terms of finding a pair of sunglasses, mainly because all styles will suit your shape. If you are one of the lucky people with a triangular face shape, take advantage of it and bring out your style a-game.

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