Hey Prepsters,

3 years ago, I started experiencing severe hair loss (genetic male patterned baldness) and it got to the point, that I actually felt really depressed about it. Last year, I visited a hair loss treatment clinic in the GTA and I honestly did love the sound of getting an implant. However, the doctor said that I would have to wait until I was 25 before I can get the procedure done, as my hair loss will stabilize a little more by then – and since I was turning 23 at the time, I knew I would have to wait another 2 years until I could get the procedure done – and that was a major deal breaker for me. I remember actually tearing up because that felt like the only ray of hope that I had. I was recommended to try Propecia, a prescription medication, which has insane side effects like ED… and to be honest, I value my penis more than my hair.. so that was also a no-go.

In the meantime, I have been utilizing a temporary solution, the Topikk hair fiber powder,  to cover up the baldness and give the illusion of having a fuller head of hair. But now, it’s come to the point that the crown of my head is almost completely bald – so there’s no hair for the fibers to stick too. You may have noticed that on my instagram page, I will never share an image of the back of my head, or from angle with myself looking downwards – and that was to conceal this insecurity that I have. It was also the real reason to why I didn’t start my youtube channel yet, as I knew that I couldn’t manipulate the angles to hide the baldness…

Now it’s time for me to suck it up and go for the shave! I thought it would be a super cool way to kick off my Youtube channel to share a video of me shaving my hair… the one reason that held me back from starting it off in the first place!

BUT! I’m going to need your help first! I want to get to 500 subscribers and I will share my hair shaving video!

Click here to subscribe to my Youtube channel! www.youtube.com/channel/UClw_BrD-WRlISXO9qJjNUSw

To all you guys out there that may be experiencing hair loss, keep your head up and don’t let a few strands of hair, get in the way of your happiness and self confidence.


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