Men’s Style Essentials: The Art of Layering Part II || Scarves, Hats & Gloves

Layering is a big part of fall & winter style and also it is where function meets fashion. Being from Oakville (The Toronto Area), it is always a challenge to stay warm and stylish throughout the winter days. But if you’re in a slump with what you should wear or would like tips on how you can upgrade your winter swagger, here are a few tips & my fave pieces from East Dane:

Scarves are always a great way to accessorize and amp up your look. There’s a style for every guy, but some styles are definitely better than others.
They come in many variations; from blanket, infinity, traditional, cable knit and more.
Best Fabrics for winter:
For the best winter scarves look for natural fibres such as cashmere, wool, or dense cotton options. Cashmere is the best option as it is soft, breathable and lasts forever. Wool is always a great option but pills often. To avoid pilling you can find pill shavers at your local sears for around $30. Cotton is a great option if you have allergies and can be worn year round. For a winter scarf made of cotton, ensure that the scarf is dense, to ensure that your neck is well protected.
My Fave Scarves

In terms of searching for the right fabrication, hats are generally great in all fabrics, depending on the style.
The Hottest Styles
The baseball cap has made its comeback in a big way in the past year. Major designers and retailers are offering funky styles to fit every ones taste. You can find baseball caps in wools, cashmeres, furs, leathers, and cottons. Ensure that the cap is adjustable to ensure comfort.
No matter what you call the next style, be it a toque or a beanie, most people can agree that this is the most winter friendly option. Toques provide great coverage for your noggin and can spruce up any outfit. Generally, the same fabrics for winter scarves apply to a toque. My personal favorite toque styles are pompom, graphic and cable knit!

Fedoras and round hats are becoming increasingly popular with style influencers like Theophilus London & my friend Abdulla Khatib ( wearing them. They look great with a tailored or casual outfit.

My Fave Hats

Selecting a glove is fairly easy for most men. But try to break out of the black leather glove box, try out different fabrics such as suede, combination fabrics or knitted options. There is one requirement I hold for my leather gloves, and that is that they have to be lined with cashmere, if not you’re going to have scratches and dry hands. With woollen or cotton knit gloves, it is a lot easier as the whole fabric used is a lot more breathable, but try to be a little more daring on the colours as a basic knit glove can look a little cheap. Combo’s are my favourite because they offer sophisticated styles, warmth and function – especially with the touch screen friendly technology that is now an industry standard for most gloves.

My Fave Gloves

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