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Geox is one of my fave shoe brands so it’s only fitting that I’d share these beautiful monk-straps from their premium selection. These monkstrap and wingtip crossovers, named “Antwan”, are twice the fun and offer twice as much in terms of stylistic versatility. I wanted to pair them down with a denim look, but they can just as easily be worn with a suit for work. What is super neat is their water resistant leather sole technology called Cuoio.

About GEOX Cuoio

“Geox Cuoio” features a cutting edge transpiring waterproof membrane which is fitted onto the leather sole. The foot breathes by passing its moisture through the breathable membrane and then out to the leather sole where it is dispersed in the air. Water and humidity, instead, are repelled by the same membrane and kept out of the sole. The resulting sole has undergone intensive testing which has proved it to be totally waterproof.

The Antwan by GEOX retails for $35o CAD and is available in stores and online. 



Be sure to visit for further details and more beautiful shoe styles.

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