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My New Years Resolutions & Goals | 2018

posted by The Prep Guy January 1, 2018 0 comments

Hey Prepsters,

The New Year is always a time of personal reflection and goal setting for all of us, and myself included. I take the time to really look back at what I did in the prior year, and was able to accomplish and even things that I didn’t accomplish, in order to set new goals to achieve in the future months.

Personally, despite having a somewhat successful 2017, I honestly felt like university really held me back in seeing the same level of growth with my blog as previous years. But now that I have graduated my undergrad, I will have time to really work on putting the blog on the forefront! However, I’m excited to see what 2018 holds for me. I have many dreams and aspirations that I can’t wait to fulfill.

I am a firm believer in sharing some of your goals with others so that you’re more inclined in achieving it. So here are a few of my biggest goals for 2018!

#1 | Getting Fit in a sustainable way!

I’ve struggled with my weight over the past few years and although I made this a goal of mine last year, I just found it extremely difficult to prioritize it with everything else and school included. However, this year, I’m holding myself more accountable and being serious about my commitment. The goal is to lose 100 lbs! I have a partnership with Planet Fitness, which will allow myself to share my journey on the blog and I’m hoping that some of you guys could join me and we can do it together!

#2 | Find a marketing/public relations job

This one is quite obvious, given that I just graduated from my undergrad two weeks ago! I can’t wait to finally start pursuing my professional career in marketing and PR! I think I shared this a couple years ago, but my 10 year goal is to start my own firm!

#3 | Get my real estate license

Some of y’all may not know this fun little fact about myself, but when I completed high school, I originally wanted to take a year off and get my real estate license. I am really passionate about home décor and the real estate market in general, so I will be enrolling for the OREA courses in the coming weeks.

#4 | Either get a condo or purchase a new car

Now this goal is dependant on where I get my marketing/PR job! There are firms located everywhere, but I want to work ideally within the GTA. If I can find something within Oakville/Missisauga/Burlington, I would probably purchase a new car (Benz), or if I get a job within Toronto, there will be no need for a car. Either way, this one is pretty ambiguous and dependant on what happens!

#5 | Explore the world more!

In 2017, I had the opportunity to explore North America some more, but I really want to go Europe! The last time I went to England was around 10 years ago, so it’s high on my goals list for this year. I’m thinking of doing a trip to England and taking a train to Paris, and flying out to Milan!

#6 | Create regular video content

I have finally caved in, but I really want to focus on creating YouTube content. Although I love that I’m finally able to share myself via video on Instagram stories to you guys out there, I definitely want to create dope video content about fashion and even travel adventures for Youtube. I saw a few “Look Book” videos that looked really freaking cool by Margo and Me, and Shay Mitchell, so I really want to explore this option.

#7 | Do more public speaking + land a few television style segments

One of my personal highlights of last year was being able to be a guest speaker for Toronto Men’s Fashion Week’s TOM* Talks series and also getting to speak at the University of Toronto. Although I did love talking about the impact of influencers and bloggers on the fashion industry, I want to lend my voice to focus more on helping men dress better, and also build awareness for the body positivity, self love and confidence movement.

#8 | Open up for the opportunity to find love!

Finally, I feel like I never had time to explore the opportunity to date with a long-term vision. So I want to really find the perfect someone!

What are your New Years Resolutions? Sound of in the comment section or on social media @theprepguy.

Outfit Details

Coat and Turtleneck: Banana Republic

Jeans: The Gap

Sunglasses: Prada

Pouch: Zara

Shoes: Hush Puppies

Cashmere Scarf: Uniqlo

By Syed Sohail

The Prep Guy

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