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Hello Friends! So I have two awesome things that I want to talk about in this post. The first is about and the second part will be about a 6 month shaving supply giveaway. A few weeks ago I was contacted by to try out their product and I instantly fell in love with what they had to offer. 
The Toronto Based company was built on the idea that shaving shouldn’t be a painful experience from start to finish. Because I can personally say that I have shaved with dull or worn out razors before and it isn’t a pretty site and more than half of the time it is because I didn’t have the right amount of supplies or a replacement at the right time, and I am sure that there are millions of men and women that face the same issue. 

So to resolve this issue decided to create an online shop to allow their customers to order razors in the convenience of their own homes. Basically it works like a no-commitment membership, so that you always have a fresh razor at hand for when you need one. Not only is it a more convenient way to shave it is also 40-60% cheaper than in-store brands! 

My Experience & Why I Love It!

I ordered the FIVE-O (pictures below) which is a 5 blade razor with a trimmer blade on top which made my shave super smooth and easy. Also, it has a lubricating strip on top with aloe and Vitamin E which made for a smoother shave as well. The order came with a handle and a bunch of cartridges! Essentially I wanted to maintain my beard and just shave my chin and shape around my beard to trim it and it worked really well with its precision. There are two other models of razor sets that you can order as well, the triple for men and smoothie for women and the prices are really reasonable starting from $1.24/razor. I genuinely loved the shave and it worked if I dare to say, better than some of the bigger retailers!
The Big Give-Away

So here’s the second part of the post which is super exciting because I have teamed up with to give one lucky of my lucky readers a Six Month Supply of the FIVE-O! That’s right! You will win a six month supply delivered straight to your home and it will come with 18 cartridges + 2 handles, one for home and the other is up to you!

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