The Prep Guy’s Post Election Retail Therapy – My Top 10 Online Shopping Destinations

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Hey #Prepsters,

Given that the new President of the most powerful nation in the world is now Donald Drumpf… I mean Trump, I figure that we could all use some major retail therapy.


Shopping is a great source of stress relief for many people, myself included – and online shopping is even easier. So I made a list of my top 10 Online Shopping Destinations for any one who is looking to forget about the worlds problems.. for now at least. So sit back, relax, and shop away!

  1. Harry Rosen Inc.

Harry Rosen is Canada’s finest establishment for men, and carries the crème de la crème of all things menswear. Some of our favourite brands carried at Harry’s include; Salvatore Ferragamo, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford and Brunello Cucinelli. The retailer recently brought in Munro Tailoring, a made-to-measure brand that specializes in suiting, shirts, and outerwear.

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  1. RW&CO

Another incredible Canadian brand, which is part of the iconic Reitman’s umbrella. RW&CO is the go-to place for high-quality, affordable and stylish everyday pieces for men. They carry it all from suits to the perfect everyday chinos. The retailer recently teamed up with NHL superstar, PK Subban, to create a super sharp premium line, fittingly named the PK Subban Collection.

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  1. Joe Fresh

Founded by Dragon’s Den’s Joe Mimran and sold across the globe, this Canadian grocery store brand has built a standard for what grocery store fashion should be. From must-have daily essentials to their trendier pieces, the Joe Fresh brand has something for every one!

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  1. Brave Leather

Brave Leather is Canada’s only domestic leather manufacturer. The brands beautiful leather creations have been a huge personal favourite of mine. The quality is impeccable, and it is all made here in Canada.

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  1. Designer Shoe Warehouse – DSW Canada

Finding the perfect pair of shoes for the right price used to be a challenge, prior to DSW Canada entering the Canadian market. You can find all of your favourite designer brands such as Sorel, Steve Madden, Cole Haan and more for a fraction of the price! Plus who doesn’t love saving money?

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  1. Bailey Nelson

Although I can’t imagine most of you frequently purchasing new frames, I still wanted to share this retailer on my list. Just a week ago my order arrived for my two new optical frames. What I love about this Australian brand, is that it cuts out the middle man to provide high quality, stylish and super affordable frames for all. The total for my order for two frames, with tax was only $290 ($145 each)… with the frames, prescription lens, and the coatings all included. Plus the retailer also carries super cool sunnies as well, starting at $145. Fun Fact: They were founded on Bondi Beach, close to my Australian home-town of Westmead!

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  1. Banana Republic

I have become a Banana Republic addict over the past couple of months. If you follow myself on IG Stories of snapchat, you probably see myself unboxing a new order every couple of weeks. But I can’t help it! They’ve been having major sales and have upped their style game so hard! Additionally, nobody beats their turtleneck game, and I’m all about that life!

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  1. H&M

H&M Canada recently launched their online shop, which makes the H&M shopping process so much easier! What I love about their new online shop is that they offer extended sizes for both men and women, so all of us large and in charge folks can up our style game for less!

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  1. Indochino

Indochino is another incredible Canadian company, however, this brand pioneered the online made-to-measure suiting sector. The brands infamous, high quality and high style suiting has landed itself as my personal go-to suiting destination online. Due the huge success of Indochino’s online platform, the retailer has expanded into some seriously cool brick and mortar locations.

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  1. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak is another Canadian retailer which has dominated the online menswear game. Offering good quality, fashionable threads for men, this retailer has become one of my favourite e-destinations for shopping. I’ve been coveting one of their beautiful leather jackets from their newest collection. The retailer has also launched into womenswear, making it a one stop shop for all Canadians.

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What are your fave online shopping destinations? Let me know in the comment section below!

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