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Hey Prepsters,

It’s been an incredible/whirlwind of a Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, and it’s time to bring the low-down of what I wore & more! In case you missed my previous post, I had mentioned that the theme of my attire for this fashion week was to support North American brands only. I have been so privileged to be able to dress in some of my favourite brands, but for day 1, I wore a brand that I will probably swear by until the day I die, Joe Fresh.

Joe Fresh is my absolute favourite retailer for affordable essentials, and for this spring season, the brand is coming out with some major hits! As soon as I walked into the store, I saw this beautiful quilted jacket and knew it was the one! This beautiful quilted field jacket is accented with navy corduroy, light weight yet still warm enough for cooler  spring day, and very stylish. It’s a truly iconic piece, especially for prep clothing, which of course I adore.

Shop the Quilted Jacket, $79 at or in-store at Joe Fresh

For my key layer pieces, I started off with a base, which was a checkered shirt from Joe Fresh’ relatively new line of tailored dress shirts. This navy and red check print shirt created the perfect base for the popover sweatshirt, which also was in the same beautiful red colour as the shirt print. To dress it up, I threw on an old friend, a navy knit tie.

Shop the Shirt, $34 at or in store at Joe Fresh

Shop the sweater, $29 at or in store at Joe Fresh

For my trousers, I wore a pair of Joe Fresh’s iconic chinos in navy! I was actually choosing between the olive green chinos and the navy, but I really loved the idea of having an Americana vibe with the blue, white and red. So I opted for the navy with this look, but I do love the olive chino’s as well and own a pair! Their chinos, without a doubt are the best chinos you will ever find for it’s price. If you’re an OG reader, I’ve stayed true and loyal to Joe Fresh’s chinos for all 4 years of blogging and for $29, you can get one of each colour!

This part really excites me! Joe Fresh has this incredible line of sunglasses, which are some of the most affordable sunnies I’ve seen out there; for the level of quality and style. Now, I am a major sunglass collector, and I do often find myself gravitating to the Tom Ford’s and Gucci’s, but these are fun, chic and so affordable! Their sunglasses are only available in-store for now, so be sure to check them out!

Chinos, $29 at or in store at Joe Fresh

To complete the look, I wore a pair of my own dress shoes! Unfortunately, it was starting to rain and I left my umbrella at home, so I had to quickly run to Harry Rosen and pick this beautiful one up, which actually made a very dapper addition!

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