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posted by The Prep Guy May 26, 2015 0 comments

Hello Prepsters! It has been way too long since I last did a “The Prep Guy” journal or rant. The main reason was that I used to use those two segments to release any frustrations or just vent about life in general. However, for the past few months, life has been pretty good. I have landed over 20 collaborations for the spring/summer season, became a co-host for #Gentschat (Perry Ellis collab) – the most successful twitter chat for menswear, managed to succeed another school semester, and I am at a place where I finally feel like I am getting a hang of the Canadian fashion industry. Over the past few months, I started focusing on the positive things surrounding my life and I began to move on from negativity. It allowed myself to focus my attention on bigger and better things. So far the results have been paying off. My therapist had challenged me to be more social about my anxiety & depressive disorder as well, and if you are a twitter friend of mine, than you probably have stumbled upon a few of my conversations in regards to it as well. But realistically things couldn’t have been better.


I really hope you guys are enjoying the new content on the website as I wanted to introduce a new layout to the blog. I now have a few friends who are now a part of the The Prep Guy team, including TPG Editor Zain! I am also working on campaigns rather than short term projects with some major fashion brands, which is something I never would have imagined of doing 6 months ago. Some of the brands that I am working with include Paige Denim, Oakley, Rockport, RW&CO of course, Perry Ellis, Harry Rosen, Toms and more! I wanted to leave off todays journal on a positive note to thank you all for the support! I’ve made hundreds of awesome new online connections and friendships with many of you out there. I remember thinking I wouldn’t even have 100 readers, and now the community has surpassed 50,000 throughout my social media accounts. However, I am still aiming to doing bigger and better things, with greater opportunities such as television segments, sister sites, and more. So I hope you guys stay tuned for more!

Best Wishes,
The Prep Guy

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