Late last month, I had the pleasure of accompanying the rest of the TPG team to the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*FW) FW16. It was my first experience with any fashion event that featured a designer’s work, and it lived up to the expectation due to the hard work and commitment from the TOM*FW team.

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week is geared towards providing a platform for Canadian and global designers to showcase their work and engage with Toronto’s bubbling fashion scene.  I was impressed with the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into both the designs, as well as the event itself.

I had the privilege to attend three shows featuring a pretty wide spectrum of designers, and although I only witnessed a slice of all TOM*FW had to offer, it was enough to be fully immersed.  Caffery Van Horne, a Canadian designer and stylist, put on a fantastic show featuring refined menswear with a robust color palette.  Kenneth Barlis, an international designer originally from the Philippines, brought edginess with his bold patterns and unique twists on contemporary men’s suiting.


Last but certainly not least, I had the privilege to watch the 3. Paradis show featuring their F/W 2016 collection.  With a great blend of a streetwear aesthetic and casual function, designers Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung delivered a great show paired with solid music and great stage presence.  The passion and craftsmanship really bled into each and every piece from each designer, and I am sure the shows I didn’t get to see brought an equal level of ferocious quality and care.


The real privilege with an event like TOM*FW is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Toronto fashion scene, with access to great luminaries from every side of the runway.  Meeting people with the similar interest is the real value, and absorbing the bold messages that each and every designer brings is a bonus.  TOM*FW FW16 was done right, and I hope to see many more continue in its trajectory.

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