We’re a couple of days away from 2016 so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my new year resolutions. As an overview of 2015, I achieved my goals for 2015 besides my #1 goal which was to lose a lot of weight. Not going to lie, a lot of us set up unrealistic expectations that we can’t really achieve, and I placed a weight-loss goal so high that I knew I was going to fail, so I didn’t put in any effort. But this year, I want to cut the bs out of setting my goals and come up with goals & resolutions that I will swear to. So here are my top three no bs goals that I will achieve in front you all this year!

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Goal 1: Kickass in School

Over the past year, I focused a lot of my energy in ensuring that I could obtain as much success with my blog as possible, and I saw results. However, I did not put as much effort into my school work as I should have, luckily I still managed to do better this year than any year before. But my main goal is to create a healthy balance between the blog and my courses.

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Goal 2: Lose 40 lbs by Summer, followed by another 40 lbs by 2017

This year I am focusing a lot of my attention on losing weight. The only criticism I get on social media is about my weight, which is fine, because I know that the blogging industry is typically full of people who have a model-esque physique. But, I that’s not the reason for myself to lose weight. I personally have wanted to lose weight since second year of university, which is where I gained most of it. With that being said, I have teamed up with some amazing brands and companies to join in my weightloss journey over the next year. I will be doing traditional + non-traditional methods to weight loss to showcase a variety of ways that you can lose weight yourselves. So stay tuned, I will be tweeting using #TPGWeightLoss to track my journey on social media.

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Goal 3: Continue to grow The Prep Guy

This time last year, I was planning on quitting blogging for good. However, I knew that being a quitter would have meant that I was being weak, so instead of quitting, I continued to work my behind off to grow it and create higher quality content. I want to continue the growth into new venues from more public speaking gigs to youtube, and more amazing partnerships/collaborations.

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Hopefully you can share a few of your new years resolutions and leave tips behind in the comment section below. I look forward to an amazing 2016 and I wish the same for all of you.

Syed Sohail, The Prep Guy

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