Discovering the beautiful city of Montreal with Ford – Part 1 #TPGTakesMontreal

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Hey Prepsters,

Last week, my sister and I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a road trip in the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi to discover Montreal, Quebec, together. The historically rich city was just so vibrant and full of culture. Whether we were walking or driving, it felt like we were in another country, despite being in Canada.

Day 1. The Journey to Montreal

Hotel Arrival

The drive up to Montreal from our hometown of Oakville took around 6 hours all together, with the inclusion of pit stops for energy kicks. Upon arriving to Montreal, we pulled up to Hotel Le Germain. The boutique style hotel was amazing and the location couldn’t be anymore perfect. We were right in the heart of the core of the City!

Suwu Montreal

After packing and taking a little time to refresh and rest, we got ready for the first destination, Suwu Montreal. The resto-bar on Boulevard Saint-Laurent was quaint and full of energy and hip people. I absolutely loved the vine and candle effect throughout the bar and the food was amazing!

Food & Drink Recommendations:

The highlights of the meal were definitely the delicious cocktails and appetizers.

We ordered two drinks each and both were dope and I also loved their hilariously awesome names; Big Booty Hoe & Low Rider.

The fried cauliflower had a nice kick and the flavours were well balanced between the spices and sweetness of the slaw. We also loved the fried broccochini, which I totally thought was going to be a broccoli based dish, but were essentially the most delicious fried cheese balls ever!

By the time we left Suwu, we were totally exhausted and wanted to ensure we could have a full rest for a jam-packed weekend, so we went to back to our hotel room and totally passed out.

 Day 2: Brunchin’ and a walking tour!


For the second day of our adventure, we really wanted to discover the streets of Montreal. After waking up and getting ready, we drove back to Boulevard Saint-Laurent to get some brunch and check out the neighbourhood.

The Sparrow & The Cardinal Tea Room

Our first stop was at a beautiful bar called ‘The Sparrow’. This beautiful bar offered a unique fine-dining menu, which was flavourful and packed with flair. I loved the décor, and the vibe of Sparrow, and it definitely seemed to a major hot spot, given that it was packed at 11 am!

Food & Drink Recommendations:

My sister and I are always really good with ordering from menus and because we’re besties, we always end up sharing pretty much half of it.

I was a fan of everything we ‘tried’… in other words, I devoured!

To start we ordered delicious fresh mini-doughnuts, with a Nutella filling.

For my main dish, I ordered the buckwheat pancakes, which came with candied fresh fruits, walnuts, apple butter, and maple syrup.

Sara ordered a delicious breakfast sandwich, which came with a side of probably the roasted-potatoes I’ve ever had in my life.


Checking out The Cardinal Tea Room at Sparrow

Upstairs of Sparrow is a beautiful tearoom, which we were shown. The tearoom boasted two stories of its own, a baby grand piano and was just so damn pretty.

Walking Around Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Although we didn’t know a lot about Boulevard Saint-Laurent prior to our trip, I definitely noticed that this was a very important part of Montreal, filled with dozens of eateries, and shops.

Lowell MTL

While walking on the road, we noticed a door to a shop that was held open with an old sewing machine, which peaked our interest. To our surprise, we discovered the prettiest little boutique ever called Lowell MTL. The store was absolutely adorable and featured an array of fun fashion accessories and leather goods. After checking it out for a solid 45 minutes, we decided to head to a bakery we saw on our way to Sparrow.

Boulangerie Guillaume

Sara’s a complete sweet tooth and loves pastries, where as I am more so of a savoury guy! We stopped by this super pretty and very busy bakery called Boulangerie Guillaume. I can’t recall what Sara ordered, but I do remember it being delicious! Plus, next to the store was the cutest little space to hang out and eat.

Le Village D Saint-Louis du Mile-End

We were lucky enough to park right next to this beautiful historical building and park. From the fountain to the stunning architecture, I was obsessed! Stay tuned for a post with details on my outfit in this area!

Well that concludes part 1 of 2 of the Montreal trip! I didn’t want the post to get super long and there is so much to share! We did later this day check out Old Montreal, so stay tuned for that post!



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