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Layering doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, I feel that people tend to over complicate things. I wanted to create a little guide to creating an affordable Joe Fresh look to showcase a few tips on how to take the hassle out layering, with my top 3 tips for layering.

1. Start with a base – the top

I tend to start every look off by selecting a top first, especially during the fall/winter season. All of my looks start with an under tee! Pro tip: If you’re wearing a t-shirt underneath a white button down shirt, go for a light heather grey – as it! If you’re going solo, select a shirt which will either contrast well or coordinate with the rest of your look.

For my look, I paired a navy basic tee, with a navy camo print flannel shirt by Joe Fresh.

2. The Right Sweater

This part can be tricky for most people. But all it really takes is some colour coordination skills. Think of the colour wheel! Contrasting colours tend to work best for a maximalist approach, however, don’t be scared to try different prints, shades and variations. Ideally, you want to contrast the colour that is most prominent on the base, or you want to pick up the shade that is least prominent in the base. For example, in the blue camo shirt that I am wearing, the least prominent colour is black.

For this look, I picked up on the black and went for a light grey sweater from Joe Fresh to both contrast and brighten the look.

3. The final layer

The final layer tends to be the easiest. You can either coordinate the colours, or if you have already contrasted the colours, it is always nice to add a colour from your shirt – back into your look.

For this look, I picked up on the blue in the shirt, and opted for a puffer vest in navy from Joe Fresh.

Denim is from Joe Fresh, Boots are from TOMS

Do note, that these are just really simple tips for everyday looks. Don’t be afraid to colour block! But that will be for the part two of this post!

Photography by @ThePhotoGuyy

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