Bag of the Week: Ports 1961 Flavia Medium

Bag price range: $480-$1110
Available here: Ports 1961

Ports 1961 has been one of my favourite Canadian fashion labels and I feel that in Canada, it is fairly underrated. The brand has gained a celebrity fan base including Ms. Michelle Obama, Olivia Palermo, Drew Barrymore just to name a few. Their quality is exquisite and they do well represent how Canadian brands can be successful. But back to the bags themselves, they are in an amazing structured shape, which is well utilized with the different fabrics and embellishments. My personal favourite is the crystal embellished bag with retails for $1110 and also the embroidered fabric/calf skin bag. Also, the quality of the bags themselves can be compared to the likes of Chanel, Phillip Lim, Louis Vuitton…. but they are a lot more affordable. I love the use of the Ports emblem on the bag, it isn’t tacky like a lot of brands because it is used a tastefully and with purpose. The bag also come in different sizes, small-large. 

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-Syed (The Prep Guy)

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