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Hey Prepsters,

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday, and I slipped into one of my all time fave pair of jeans from The Gap and it pretty much inspired me to do a post on denim brands where I love to shop for my jeans! Being a larger guy, it is quiet tough finding the perfect pair of jeans, and I prefer my denim to have a little bit of stretch, so that I am comfortable throughout the day. With that being said, I have spent thousands of dollars on different brands and have finally narrowed it down to a few go-to brands, that I would recommend for men of all sizes!

Affordable Options

1. The Gap

An affordable brand of denim that I love to death is from everyone’s fave brand, The Gap! What I love about their stretch denim is that they are quiet forgiving. Usually, I wear a size 40 US W for trousers, but with The Gap, I am able to slip into their 38’s with ease. Which is super helpful if you’re looking for an affordable and long-lasting option for regular use.

In the featured image above, I am wearing the 4-way stretch denim.

2. Levi’s

There’s something about a good pair of Levi’s jeans that feels so damn cool! I personally love the 511 series from the brand because it’s stretch! They also offer a solid range of sizes from 26-42 W.

3. American Eagle Outfitters

I know you’re probably thinking, aren’t you a little too old to still be shopping at AE? Well the answer is no! They have been absolutely killing it with their updated fits and threads. Their extreme flex/360 jeans are phenomenal and really last for a long time, without making a dent in your wallet. Trust me, don’t sleep on AE!

4. Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s selvage-stretch denim has to be one of my hands-down fave pairs of jeans in the world! What I also love about Uniqlo’s denim is that with every purchase over $19, you can get free hemming on your jeans so that they are tailored for your height!

Worth The Splurge

5. Paige Denim

Paige was my first high end brand purchase in denim, and the style I had was the Normandie’s! The jeans actually stayed in my closet for 7 years until I out-grew them and donated them last year. Overall, the brand is great and definitely worth the splurge. The “Transcend” style has the perfect amount of stretch and looks great on all body sizes!

6. J Brand

J Brand definitely has to be my most purchased high end denim brand! The Tyler (slim) and Kane (straight) are absolute staples in my closet! Like Paige, these last for years and years, and thus another brand I would highly recommend.

7. AG Adriano Goldschmied

AG is a brand that I discovered when I first stopped by a luxury menswear boutique in Oakville called, Burrow’s. The brand boasts the soft to the touch denim that lasts! You can find AG in Harry Rosen stores and online at in Canada.

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Please note that this post is not sponsored and these selections are based off my personal experiences, and are only a matter of opinion. If there are other denim brands you love and would recommend, please be sure to do so in the comment section below.

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  1. I did not know that Uniqlo hemmed jeans! I bought a bought a pair a couple years ago and I never wear them because they’re awkwardly long. So good to know!!

    1. The Prep Guy Author says:

      Hey! Oh Uniqlo’s great like that, but I believe they do it with a receipt of purchase so it has to be recent (don’t quote me on that)!

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