Hey Prepsters,

Sweater weather has arrived and I am loving brighter colours for this fall season. A lot of men that I know in my personal life, shy away from colour, and in the rare occasion that they try to experiment, they often go for a darker toned colour like burgundy. Don’t get me wrong, burgundy is a beautiful colour and one of my faveourites, but there are so many other fall colours that you can choose from.

For this fall-inspired look, I opted for an orange sweater from Nautica. This sweater is bright and pairs beautifully with navy (refer to the colour wheel). What I love about wearing orange is that it’s universally flattering on all skin tones. I paired this sweater with a classic Nautica men’s plaid dress shirt, which also features a beautiful orange and blue colour combination. Lastly, to anchor the look, I stuck with a neutral navy blue chino, also from Nautica.

To accessorize the look, I went for a gold-framed pair of sunnies, and a minimalistic leather band watch. Another fun fact is that orange pairs perfectly with tan, so for footwear, I wore a pair of tan brogues to complete the look.



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