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Hey Prepsters,

I am back with another Philips grooming review to see if the Philips Series 9000 wet and dry shaver is TPG approved! In August I shared my review of the Philips Beardtrimmer Series 5000 Stubble Trimmer and I thoroughly enjoyed the product, especially in combination with the Philips OneBlade for detailing and touch ups. This time, I wanted to see if the Series 9000 wet & dry cordless shaver could do it all!

What You Need to Know

The Philips Series 9000 Wet & Dry shaver is packed with technological advances and benefits.

1. The Aquatec Seal

The first and most obvious reason is that you can use the shaver wet or dry. I personally loved the fact that with the Aquatec seal, I could use the product with my regular shaving gel, without having to use a wet shave razor on a separately. Another key benefit is that you can use it in the shower, and speaking from experience, it is great for using all over the body, without having to worry about a cut or scrape. Also, because it is safe to use wet, you can rinse the product once removing the shaver head and get rid of the little hairs.

2. 8-Direction ContourDetectHeads

Secondly, the 8-Direction ContourDetectHeads worked well on the face, as the product could glide and flow with the natural contours of my face and also my body.

3. V-Track Precision blades for a efficient and close shave

The Series 9000 shaver also claims to cut up to 20% more hair in a single pass and offers a close shave; due to the V-track precision blades and in my opinion, I did feel like it was gliding over my skin versus tugging or pulling.

4. Speeds Settings

At first, I didn’t think I would love the speed setting feature as much as I do! There 3 speed modes on the Series 9000, which you control using the +/- buttons. The slow/sensitive speed setting really allowed for me to be extra careful when I was detailing and lining my beard shave. I found myself using the fast mode most often, because I personally like to have a quick shave.

5. The Click on Precision Trimmer

The best addition to this product was the click on trimmer, which really did allow for the perfect beard/moustache edging and detailing. I also use this function between my eyebrows and to touch up my hard-part for an extra sharp look.

6. It Cleans Itself!

The charging station is equipped with SmartClean PLUS technology, which means that the product lubricates, dries and charges you shaver at the same time!

7. The Light Up Display Section & Battery Life

The battery life lasts up-to 50 minute after a 1 hour charge (17 shaves), which believe it or not, is rare when it comes to shaving products, and also with the display section, you will know exactly when to refuel, so it doesn’t die mid shave. Also, there is a charging option that will quickly charge the battery for one use, so in case you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to wait the full hour.

8. Guarantee and Replacements

You get a 2 year guarantee with the purchase of the Philips Series 9000 Wet & Dry Shaver. Also, if you have experienced electric shavers before, you will notice that over-time the shave head needs to be replaced. With the Series 9000 shaver, you do not need to deal with the head replacement until two years of using the product!

My Final Verdict

Of all of the Philips products that I have tried thus far, this is my personal favourite. I really loved the fact that this had so many technology features and that I could use it over my entire body and in the shower! Additionally, I loved that it did feature a trimmer that worked really well. The design is also sleek, so it all around would be a great gifting item or personal upgrade. The Series 9000 is on the premium end of shavers, but you really are getting the most bang for your buck, so I definitely think it is worth the investment.

Where to find the Philips Series 9000 Wet & Dry Shaver

In-Store: You can find the Philips Series 9000 at The Hudson’s Bay and Centre du Rasoir.

Online: You can find the Philips Series online at with free shipping!


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