How I Feel My Most Confident! #MyConfidenceChecklist

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Hey #Prepsters!

In honor of Oral Health month, I have partnered with the Ontario Dental Association to share my personal confidence checklist! Now, I don’t know about you, but personally, I found that I like to do a few routine things to look and feel my best! Here is a short little list with my top three recommendations; for how you can feel more confident too!

  1. Starting with a bright smile!

Taking care of my oral care is my personal first and most vital step to feeling more confident! I also find it to be the most flattering compliment when people tell me that they like my smile! I personally visit my dentist regularly throughout the year, and always pay attention to their recommendations, tips and tricks! I also started using whitening strips within the past 6 months, of course following a consultation with my family dentist, and I just love smiling so much more! Investing in your dental care is so vital, and plus who doesn’t love having a radiant smile? Visit your dentist or find one in your area today.

  1. Dressing for success!

No matter where I go, I like to dress well, especially for days where I need the most confidence! Often times, I go into my university exams, and look like the odd one out because I’m so dressed up! But you never know who you will meet that day! Plus, when I know I look good, I feel confident and ready to conquer the day.

  1. Exercising!

This year, I have made a conscious effort to making sure I work out regularly! What I noticed is that not only do I feel more sexy and confident, but I also started feeling so much more energized throughout my day!

Thanks for reading #MyConfidenceChecklist and thank you to the Ontario Dental Association for sponsoring this post! I hope you can use these tips and tricks to your advantage!

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Eshika Roy April 10, 2017 at 7:13 am

Thank you for sharing this useful checklist. It will help a lot of people to choose the right dress and make a style statement. Looking forward to seeing to more interesting posts in the future.


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