Disclaimer: I am partnering with Allergan for this campaign and my treatment sessions were compensated.

Hey Prepsters,

I have always been the type of person to say, that if you want to do any work to yourself, then make sure you make an informed decision and go to a trusted professional. So a few months ago, my friends at Allergan saw an Instagram story I posted where I was talking about wanting to get fillers to smooth out my skin and soften up some lines, and they so generously offered for myself to experience it, and also test out some of their other products. I also received a ton of love on a prior post that I did on receiving treatment for Hyperhidrosis (to lessen my sweating in my armpits) – so I was all game!

Before I get into the whole experience, I want to breakdown my skin profile before I went in:

  • My skin type is fairly normal, and I do have a skincare regimen.
  • I do have hyperpigmentation on face. Specifically, on my cheeks and two marks underneath my eyes.
  • I am 24 years old, and I am #thick!
  • I have very dark circles underneath my eyes, and they are inner set.
  • I have scars on my brow bones from when I had chicken pox.
  • My skin texture is very good because I do take care of my skin *besides one key component I was leaving out*


I was set up with an appointment with the incredible team at Dermetics, a leading Canadian office for skin and beauty. Upon arrival, I already had in mind what I wanted to get done, but I also thought it would be best to just go based off the doctor’s recommendations.

Dr. Rosen and his wonderful team helped me learn about a ton of amazing things and I actually got a ton of skin hacks!

  • The first thing that I learned was that a wrinkle reducing injection is actually a wonderful tool to start using when you are younger, in fact, it’s not your age that determines when it’s is right for you – it’s the severity of your lines.  
  • The second key thing that I learned is that we need to be using sunscreen literally every single day (separate from the SPF within our foundation). I didn’t realize that exposure to UV radiation from sunlight is harmful to our skin and could actually affect us in cloudy weather and also seep through our windows!

During the consultation, Dr. Rosen and his team asked me what I wanted to get done and also provided some recommendations on what we could do as well. We ended up deciding that the following procedures would be the best and most natural improvements:

  • Wrinkle reducing injection around the eyes
  • Wrinkle reducing injection on my forehead
  • Filler in my under eye area
  • Filler on the sides of my lips
  • Filler in my cheeks
  • Filler in my chin
  • Filler along jawline
  • Cool Sculpting on my chin
  • Skincare from Skin Medica


Dr. Rosen’s team provided myself with some skin care to help me counteract the hyperpigmentation. The Lytera 2.0 Serum is a pigment brightening cream by Skin Medica, an Allergan company. Additionally, I received a face cleanser by Skin Medica and a SPF 45 sunscreen by Ulta MD.


The Lytera 2.0 has actually been super effective so far! I have been applying the cream 2 times a day since I received it and it has definitely brightened up the discolouration on my skin.

Round 1 of Procedures:

During the first visit, the Dermetics team applied the wrinkle reducing injection into my forehead and into my crow’s feet area. Surprisingly, I didn’t even realize how quick this procedure was and how painless it was. It felt like a little pinch and that’s it!


I was told that it would take 1-2 weeks for the wrinkle reducing injection to fully settle in and to see the full results. Two weeks later, the skin was visibly smoother, and I looked a lot more refreshed. Additionally, makeup application was definitely a lot nicer in my under-eyes and I do not have creasing with my concealer!

Round 2 of Procedures:

The second round was going to be a lot more intense because we were covering a lot of bases. It was all of the filler procedures listed above. However, we will be applying more filler to create a more defined jawline once the cool sculpting is done on my chin!


Filler was definitely a different feeling. There was a little bit of a numbing sensation. But the best part about it was the it was instant gratification. Right away, I could see the after effects of the Filler and it looked absolutely amazing! I noticed instant brightness underneath my eyes.  My lips definitely looked more balanced out for my face. My chin actually made the biggest impact because I instantly saw a stronger looking jawline because of the filler. My cheeks looked beautifully contoured and I don’t even have to contour with makeup for a chiselled look. Finally, the filler applied to my chicken pox scars definitely helped smooth it out and softened the appearance of the indentures.

Coming Soon:

Round 3 of procedures!

I hope this post was an informative and helped you learn more about the perks of getting some injectable treatments. I am absolutely obsessed with my results and how natural they look. I have been receiving a ton of compliments from you guys on Instagram already and a lot of questions! So let me know if you have anymore questions (or compliments) in the comment section below!

While the results are subtle, I can definitely say that not only do I see and feel a difference in how I look, but my friends have all noticed this is as well

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