Now there, I know it sounds crazy to even compare an international & may I say one of the largest fashion retailers in the world, to a much smaller Canadian only retailer. However, in terms of the different style takes of the collection from RW&CO Hayden C. Collaboration and Isabel Marant X H&M – I feel like in Canada – Hayden will take the lead. Of-course H&M has the unfair advantage in the case of the size of the company and the infamy of the designer, Isabel. But in terms of real style for men – I think Hayden will win over men because of the masculinity, comfort and affordability of the collection. The Isabel Marant  collection for H&M based on the preview looks fairly youthful and overtly trend based, and is fairly pricey. These are items that most people will wear on a certain occasion or for a certain time period, while the Hayden collection offers a stylish take on classic everyday (mostly all year round) pieces. Obviously in terms of sales of items – RW&CO will probably fall back, however, in terms of what I believe is a more appealing collection for most men – RWHAYDEN will probably take the lead.
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