My Toronto Fashion Week Survival Guide – TFW

Toronto’s foremost premiere fashion event, Toronto Fashion Week TFW is back, and I’m thrilled to be returning to the shows. It’s insane for me to just even think about it, but 4 years ago, my first foray into the fashion industry was through attending Toronto Fashion Week. And I quickly learned about a few things that one needed to carry at all times during the show! So here’s my TFW Survival Guide:

  1. GUM

There’s nothing more offensive than to be speaking to someone with bad breath, #NotCute. So I’m always sure to carry a pack in my coat, and another in my bag – so that I can stay fresh at all times.

  1. A Mini Umbrella

This may sound a little impractical because a lot of my lady friends at the shows, want to carry as little as possible, or they are carrying bags that are too small to carry them. But, you will save yourself from having to worry about your hair, makeup and outfit that you so thoughtfully put together.

  1. Your Own Camera

As a blogger, there’s nothing worse than having to rely solely on street style photographers for your TFW outfit images. Mainly just because of the turnaround time that some of these talented gents have can be a little hindrance when they have to appease 1000’s of other on goers. But also, if you’re plus sized like myself, they most won’t GAF about you. Sad but true. So, I always recommend bringing your own cam and asking a friend or colleague to take your pics for you.

  1. Friends

Fashion week is so much more fun when you’re enjoying it with like minded friends. So try to invite a few friends out and make a moment out of it! However, if you’re going solo, be sure to be friendly because there are a ton of amazing people you can befriend at the shows.

  1. A Good Attitude

LAWD have mercy! Fashion Week is the Olympics of elitist behaviour, snobbery (ironically the snobbery isn’t from people with actual wealth lol), and posers. So please don’t be one of those people. Bring a happy attitude and wear a smile, network, make friends (some of these people are legit my best friends IRL now), and try to have a good time! It can be a little uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get the groove of it!

  1. Lip Balm/Chap stick and a hand moisturizer

Nobody wants to look ashy, so be sure to bring your fave lip balm and hand cream! It gets cold outside, and it’s just not cute to look dry and brittle. I personally use Oribe’s lip balmessence and my Kiehl’s hand salve.

I could literally go on and on! But I will leave it here! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to get your tickets for the shows! See ya soon.

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