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Hey Prepsters,

I am finally back from a much-needed blog break! But I thought I’d do it in a big way! I recently had the amazing opportunity to partner with Suitsupply to create a stunning Custom Made suit at their Yorkville location.


Suitsupply, IMO is the godfather of online retailing for menswear. They really were the first brand to really take it to the next level when it came to combining the highest quality garments for men, but providing it at a much lower price point through the internet. In fact, if you have been an OG blog reader, you would know that I have been covering their look books since 2014! So when their team reached out to collaborate and for myself to experience their Custom Made program, I couldn’t resist.

The Custom Made Program

Suitsupply is known for the fashionable off-the-rack suiting options that are comparable to the luxury designer market with the construction, but with their Custom Made program, shoppers can create truly unique one-of-a-kind looks etc. Starting at $499 USD, a Custom Made piece is based on Suitsupply’s existing fits, and can be created online or at any store—with any salesperson, without an appointment—and be completed in 2-3 weeks. If you’re looking to “start from scratch”, you can make an appointment with a specialist where you can have access to thousands of fabrics and customization options, though this will incur some higher costs (full suit starting at $999) and longer production time (4-5 weeks).

Through the Custom Made program, you work with one of the amazing suiting specialists in their special suite, to fully customize a perfectly tailored suit with 1000s of different fabrics to choose from. 

The Custom Made program is also perfect for larger guys like myself, that have a difficult time finding the perfect fit off the rack. With the program available, you can get the suit made perfectly to your body and you get more ways to personalize it as well!

My Suit

For my suit, I worked with a sharp gentleman named Divesh to select the perfect suit for my needs. After getting measured, we scoured through books upon books of fine fabrics to find the perfect shade of olive or tan. My goal was to find a suit that was in a solid finish, and could be worn all year round, and had the versatility to work with multiple styles of looks.

After a lot of deliberation, and with the help of my Instagram story followers, we went for the olive shade! Part of me still wants to go back for that tan suit and pick it up as well, just because it was so darn perfect! But this suit is divine! For the lining, I went for a pattern that would tie in the different colours I wanted to use for monogramming, the buttons and felt collar. 

I was also able to select an option to do side-tabs instead of belt looks, which I find to make suits more streamlined when wearing the blazer open. I loved that I could actually select my own choice of the side-tab hardware, which is such a cool touch. If you aren’t new to my blog, you probably know that I am a pop-culture fanatic! So for the interior monogram – I went for the iconic Mean Girls Quote “That’s so Fetch”. Another amazing feature was that I could monogram underneath my lapel. This is a great spot for guys that are getting married as you can go for your wedding date. But since I’m single and likely will remain that way for a while, I opted to go for a more fitting quote Bye Felicia! I also opted to go for a soft shoulder, as I had never tried it before, and I prefer cropped trousers – so I intentionally got my trousers shorter. But I also got them cuffed, which gives me the option to release the cuff, should I want to wear them long.

Final Thoughts

I’m madly in love with the suit. I’ve never had a suit fit so comfortably on my body. The fabrication is better than most of my designer suiting and the olive green is gorgeous..

The service was absolutely phenomenal and the suite itself was beyond amazing. If you’re getting married, want to get custom suits for your groomsman or just want to treat yourself to a really incredible suit & experience. I would highly recommend checking out the Custom Made Program at the Toronto Suitsupply location.
Thanks for reading! For more information on Suitsupply, be sure to check out

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