Hello Friends! Today’s journal entry will be a little bit about my first one on my new year’s resolutions and also about some exciting news for Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. In my first entry I talked a lot about being a better and healthier person, and so far it is paying off. I’ve been hitting the gym and taking new classes. My goal was to slim down by 60 lbs, and so far I am down 5 lbs! But it’s just the beginning and hopefully I will be able to continue a little faster than I am going now.

The second season of Toronto Mens Fashion Week or TOM* will be taking place from February 25th-27th (Get Tickets Here). I can’t wait to share more exclusive designer interviews, live tweets, pics from my fave shows, and of course I can’t wait to share some wicked outfits I have planned. I will be rocking looks from different brands including a custom red blazer from Tailor4Less, and a custom tux blazer from Filthy Haanz Inc. I am in talks with teaming up with other brands which is also super exciting! However, the celebration of menswear in Toronto will be the highlight. I feel like it is the one fashion event where I personally enjoy every show and can really provide the best insight possible, which is also super exciting because I may be teaming up with a HUGE Canadian website as a contributor (I will keep you updated on that as well). But nonetheless, I can’t wait to meet up with my fashion friends and people who really appreciate menswear like I do. If you happen to be coming to TOM* be sure to let me know (in the comment section below or tweet or even email).

On another separate note, being a person that faces Anxiety Disorder and has faced depression – I was extremely proud of the success of #BellLetsTalk, which raised over $6 million towards mental health.
But overall things have been going really well with an exciting start to 2015 and I hope that everyone’s been having a great start as well.
Let me know how your 2015 is coming along in comment section below!
If you have any suggestions for helping me reach my goals or even sharing goals of your own – let me know in the comment section below!

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