Upon my personal quest to start a fashion blog, I scoured through youtube and google to find some bloggers that were doing well. Almost two years ago, I started watching Emilie Clarke’s Youtube Channel and was instantly hooked. Her vlog has caught the attention of people across the glove and garnered her an impressive following of 18,000+ subscribers which she lovingly calls her “subbies” and “dolls”. She has a booming career as a radio host on Z95.3 Vancouver and is a great role model to women everywhere, and that is why I chose her to be the first TPG Woman Crush Wednesday.

1. How did you get into vlogging, did you intend on it to become a business for yourself or did it come to you naturally?

I don’t remember why I started vlogging in 2010. It’s funny to think about now because it’s such a part of my life. Sharing has always come naturally to me. I think I have a fun and interesting life. I love connecting with my subbies and vlogs offer a really real platform for that.

2. The Vloggers and Blogger market seems to be super saturated, yet you managed to have found success, what do you think made you stand out from the millions of other Vloggers in your genre?

That’s easy. I’m me. There is no one else on the planet like me and that’s true for everyone else too. Human connection is what we live for and that is my intent every time I start filming.  Also, I think my job adds interest to my channel.

3. Having a background in radio, do you think that it was an asset in terms of knowing how to communicate with your audience?

Yes my radio career helps my YouTube career. If you listen to my show and watch my vlogs you might be able to feel the similarities. Just like radio I try to be very time efficient. We only have 8 seconds to get a listeners attention before they leave. I treat YouTube like that too. I personally don’t like long, rambling vlogs so I don’t make them. Also, knowing your audience is important for radio and YouTube.

4. I know that you have a crazy obsession with designer bags/goods, and I am sure that your review videos contributed to your success. If you had to choose between only one of your many bags, which one would it be and why?

Good question!  I’ve done a whole video on this. I would hands down pick my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM. I loooooooooooove that bag. It’s SO big, I can fit so much stuff in there and it’s great for travel. It’s my go to bag when I don’t want to think about it. I love the Louis Vuitton Speedy too but my Neverfull is amazing.

5. A lot of the comments that you get on your videos are women talking about how they want a relationship like yours and your husband Bill. What advice would you give to women who want to be in a successful marriage/relationship?

My husband Bill and I have the best relationship I know of. We often tell each other how lucky we were to have found each other.  My advice for anyone looking for their forever partner is to find someone who makes you laugh! Find someone who respects your body and mind. Find someone who is strong enough to be your rock but can be vulnerable so you can be their rock. Bill and I’s marriage is our most prized possession and that’s why I’m SO protective of him.

6. Was it difficult to have Bill get transitioned into being in front of your large audience or does he enjoy the newly found attention?

Bill is an introvert. He would tell you he’s camera shy. But he loves meeting my subbies.

7. I personally watch your video logs all the time and I remember tweeting to you about starting my own blog on twitter! You told me to be genuine and that always stuck with me. If you were to give any other tips to an up and coming v-logger or blogger, what would it be?

And look at you now!!! You’re SO successful! I should be taking tips from you!  I still stand by being genuine. You can’t connect with people when you’re being fake. I would also add… do what you love. If you love makeup related videos, do them. If you love planner decorating videos, do them. Genuine love and excitement is infectious. You’ll see repeat viewers and start to build a loyal fan base.

8. What would you say is your favourite thing about vlogging and do you have any plans to use your vlogging platform for other ventures?

My favourite thing about vlogging is reading the comments. In actuality I’m the one who’s trying to make a connection. When I read a comment from a subbie who can relate to me some how and wants to share that with me… it’s so rewarding. That feeling is why I still vlog. At this time my YouTube channel is a hobby but I would never say never!

I hope you liked the first #WCW feature! Be sure to subscribe to Emilie’s Youtube Channel!

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