10 Reasons You Need to Watch Love Island on Hayu Canada!

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Hey Prepsters,

If you’re a reality TV lover like I am! Than Hayu is the app for you! Before I dive into the Top 10 reasons you need to watch Love Island on Hayu, be sure to redeem your 1 month free trial coupon for Hayu here: http://bit.ly/LoveIslandSyed

Hayu has hundreds of reality tv shows available for on demand streaming, including the Real Housewives of Every City and Keeping Up With The Kardashians! But recently they introduced a show so juicy and messy that you won’t want to stop watching called Love Island!

Here are 10 reasons you need to start watching Love Island, which is exclusively on Hayu:

  1. It’s a show about 12 men and women who are looking for love and they’re put on an island together!
  2. Every single cast member is ridiculously hot! If you’re not a fan of drama, you surely will be in it for the eye-candy!
  3. To stay on the show, cast members must be coupled up (or they will be eliminated), so you get to watch a ton of awkward moments that we’ve come to love from Reality Shows.
  4. There’s a $50,000 prize for the winning couple, so there truly is an incentive for people to play the game and find a real love connection, or at least fake it, until they make it!
  5. It’s binge-worthy! Every moment of the show is messier than the next, and there are like 50 episodes/season, so you can easily binge the show without finishing it too quickly!
  6. It’s the perfect show to watch with friends, significant others or alone! I’m single like a pringle and this show definitely appeals to the masses!
  7. If the contestants weren’t ridiculously attractive enough for you, they’re hot british accents might just do the trick!
  8. They have a cheeky spectator making funny commentary about what’s happening on the show. Also, they play really good music in the background!
  9. It’s interesting to see who will keep who for the next week (in terms of couples) because they’re able to switch up! And they throw in new contestants, who can steal your partner.
  10. It’s exclusively available in Canada on HAYU! So that means you can watch it whenever you want and on the go! I watch it literally everywhere I go and in bed! I’m obsessed!


Redeem your 1 month free trial of Hayu Canada here: http://bit.ly/LoveIslandSyed


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