My Epic Journey to Detroit with Ford Canada – Day 1 #FordMotorCity

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Hey #Prepsters

Last week I had the pleasure of joining other Canadian bloggers and automotive journalists for a trip to Detroit, aka Ford Motor City! For this post, I wanted to try something different and share a visual tour of all the amazing things we got to discover! This is only part one of my trip, so this day didn’t have a lot of Ford car action going on, but it was just an awesome day planned by the Ford team!

The Airport

I arrived at Pearson International Airport super early in the morning! Well… early for me aha (6:30 am). Our flight was cancelled and rebooked but no complaints. To kill time, Jonathan of Mr. Cavaliere and I hung out at Wahlburger’s and ate up a storm.

Shinola HQ

Our first stop in Detroit was my most anticipated stop, the Shinola Detroit HQ. In case you haven’t heard of Shinola before, the brand is famous for their luxury watches and leather goods, which are sold internationally. We got to meet and speak with Jen Guarino, the VP of manufacturing for Shinola, who gave us great insight into the brand’s history and why investing in Detroit was so crucial for the brand. Personally, I was impressed with how incredible the offices were and loved that the brand retained it’s assembly in the States, versus off shoring entirely, which many brands of Shinola’s stature would do.

What I Wore: Look 1

I planned this outfit for the early morning flight, and new it was going to be chilly until the afternoon! However, once I got to Detroit and we got to our beautiful Hotel rooms, I needed a refresh. This look was super comfortable; with a classic nautical vibe.

Photo Cred to Jonathan of Mr. Cavaliere

Detroit Denim Company

Our second stop was also one of the parts of the trip that I was super anxious for! Detroit Denim Co. is a brand which creates premium denim all within Detroit, including the fabrications (besides when they use Japanese Salvage Denim – which is the best of the best). Listening to Eric Yelsma, the founder of Detroit Denim Co. share his story into why he chose to be entrepreneurial and invest in Detroit was super inspiring. Especially because he took such a risk, in a city which was bankrupted by creating high end priced denim, yet he is still there, succeeding and growing his brand. The store was super cool because they had the retail experience and repair shop at the front end, and the actual manufacturing area at the back end.

Our Hotel – Aloft at The David Whitney

Next, we went to our hotel to drop off our luggage and take a little break. The Ford team selected the Aloft Hotels at a Detroit landmark, The David Whitney building! The interior lobby of the building was incredibly beautiful! I was so sweaty (it was like 30 degrees) that I decided to shower as soon as I got to my room, and have a change of clothes, for the rest of the days adventures.

Dinner at Wright & Company

We reformed as a group and head over to Wright and Company. As you will be able to tell in the picture below, my hair was still wet – and I switched into a denim shirt with a bright orange sweater (still with my white jeans).

Above Images: David Freers Photography, LLC.

Completing the Day

For the rest of the day, we watched a game and Ford was kind enough to hook us up in a suite for the game! I’m not a huge baseball fan (unless it’s Blue Jays related… and I’m on a date), but it was pretty cool! It was just a great way to spend time with the other people on the trip. Myself and a few others left early to head a Jazz bar the name of Baker’s Keyboard Lounge. Now this wasn’t just any bar, it is the world’s oldest operating Jazz club. The catfish suggest were phenomenal, and more importantly – the music was epic! After the bar, I was exhausted so I went back to my bed and got ready for day 2!

Thanks for reading #Prepsters! Let me know if you liked this virtual tour format in the comment section below!

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