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Designer Q&A + The Prep Guy for Complete Bow-Ties

posted by The Prep Guy October 14, 2014 0 comments

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to collaborate and create a custom, one of a kind bow-tie for Complete Bow-ties.  I truly admire the brand as it brings a unique twist to regular menswear accessories. The design I created as a collaboration with a brand was to reflect upon a trend that I was and still am loving for menswear, Camo.  I loved my design and was so happy with the outcome and wanted all of my viewers to know more about them so, I asked the owners a little bit about their business.

We are wood enthusiasts and fashion lovers. We blended the two and now we spend our time working with wood and creating custom handcrafted one of a kind exotic wood bow tie looks for any and every occasion. 

1.What inspired you to launch a wooden bow-tie business? 

Actually, it was because of a friend of ours. He is really into fashion and loves to wear bow ties. The thought of creating a wooden bow tie for him was definitely a unique gift idea. Hence, the idea and our first wooden bow tie was created. He was the one who encouraged us to make more and sell them. It is because of his support that we are where we are today. 

2.If you could describe the “Complete Bow-Tie” customer, who would it be? 

Anyone. We have a selection of bow ties for boys, girls, men and women who like to be unique and want to own and wear something one of a kind. 

3.Who do you consider to be your style icons? 

Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, David Beckham and Andre 3o00.

4.How would you describe your Fall/Winter collection? Tell us a little bit about your brand collaborations (if any other bloggers/editors etc)

Our collection is not necessarily defined by season, but we do have a selection of fabric knots that customers may prefer if they are purchasing in the Fall/Winter versus the Spring/Summer, and our exotic wood selections also vary, therefore our collections change frequently. We  have select individuals who wear and have worn our Complete Bow Ties to special events from NY to FL. 

5.Where do you see Complete Bow-tie in 5 years (Online/Brick and Mortar Retailers aside from your own shop?) 

This is a great question. Our goal is to make 1000 One of a Kind Exotic Wood Complete Bow Ties. We are at 64. In 5 years, we will definitely have a website, more collaborations and an increased presence. Spotlights like this and collaborations like ours will definitely help get us there.

6.What is your favourite Bow-Tie(s) in the collection? 

Each and every one of our Exotic Wood Complete Bow Ties are our favourite, and we still have so many more to come!

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