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Last month, you got to see part 1 of my trip to Montreal with my sister. Ford set up this adventure with my sister to celebrate connections that we all share with people! For this trip, I was celebrating my sister and I’s friendship because we are in fact each others best friends!

Note: I would recommend checking out part 1 of my trip if you haven’t had the chance to see it yet!

Continuing from our trip, My sister and I went back to the hotel to rest up a bit further and take a quick nap, as we knew we would be up late exploring the city.

Roaming around Old Montreal

Sara and I both really wanted to check out Old Montreal, and of course find a poutinarie, as one must totally do while in Montreal! What stunned us was the rich culture and the incredible architecture!

We discovered this adorable sweets and ice cream store and noticed how busy it was! We figured that we might as well get a head start on dessert and tried out some ice cream! I picked out a pretty unique flavour, or at least one that I’ve never tried before, passion fruit!

We noticed that there happened to be a street of Old Montreal which was filled with different art galleries! We walked into this extremely chic one called Galerie LeRoyer, which boasted super unique art pieces! I would definitely recommend checking out their location if you’re in Montreal!

Finally, we found a poutinarie and I ain’t going to lie, this was hands down the best poutine I’ve ever had in my life!

After the poutine, Sara went back to the hotel to study and I went on a bar crawl adventure! It was super cool but I definitely realized that walking around Montreal City in the evening was not such a great idea. Unlike Toronto, the streets were actually kind of quiet, and if you know anything about me, I hate dark alley ways, so I pretty much ran back to the hotel room as soon as I could lol.

Our Final Day!

The Car – The 2017 Ford Fusion Energi

In case you didn’t know, my Sister and I were lucky enough to go on the Montreal adventure in this beautiful Ford vehicle! The Ford Fusion Energi! What we loved about the vehicle was the fact that it used both gas and electricity, and we didn’t spend much on gas at all for driving like 600 KM’s each way!

For the final day, I wore a really comfortable linen shirt from Joe Fresh paired with Joe Fresh chinos and sunnies! It was a pretty warm day, so it was definitely the perfect look for staying cool.

On our way to brunch, we noticed that a bunch of the roads were closed off for a bikeathon. It was pretty fun dodging the bikes while crossing the lane!

The Final Meal – Ikanos Montreal

For our final brunch of the trip and final meal in Montreal, my sister and I were invited by Ikanos – a mediterranean restaurant to check out some of their delicious food! This restaurant was hands down my favourite of all three! Not only was it stunning, but the food was too die for!

The Restaurant’s manager was so kind to show us the kitchen, and we were delighted to know that we were the first bloggers to check out down stairs.

We started off our meal with Ikanos’ home made pastries to share between us!

Sara ordered the Frittatas and I ordered the french toast! I personally am not an egg fan at all, but Sara forced me to try the frittatas and I actually ended up switching with her! That’s when I realized that not only was this the best egg dish I’ve ever had in my life, but this definitely was the best of the three restaurants we tried during the weekend. Alongside the mains, we had the most delicious fingerling potatoes!

The chef surprised us with a beautiful cheese dish called Saganaki, which was frambeed in front of our table! So cool to watch.

Be sure to check out Ikanos when you’re in Montreal! I guarantee that you will not be disappointed! You can get their information on

Our Final Stop! The Saint Joseph’s Oratory

After heading back to the hotel and taking one final quick nap (we knew it was going to be long drive back), we changed up our looks and started heading towards Saint Joseph’s Oratory, one of Montreal’s most famous historical sites. Upon arriving at the area of the Oratory, we found this beautiful little flower market which I wanted to check out.

The view from the Oratory was just phenomenal!

This stunning building was breathtaking to look at! The architectural detail was absolutely impeccable inside and out!

I want to thank Ford Canada for setting us up with this amazing adventure! It was the best weekend I’ve ever had and I loved bonding with my best friend, my sister!

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