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Hey Prepsters,

I’m super stoked to introduce you to an amazing new app, called Soundpays! Soundpays is the first of its kind, a mobile wallet app that delivers product purchase information using ultrasonic wave technology to any mobile device in any location.

Pretty much, the future of Soundpays will be that you can use it while viewing content, whether it is on TV, online or even digital outdoor signage – and with a single-touch, bam! You made your purchase.

Although our friends at Soundpays are working on creating that amazing future, for now you can head to Showcase by Soundpays, an online store where you can use the Soundpays app to get amazing exclusive deals. Simply all you have to do is use play the product video on Showcase by Soundpays, and with a single touch on the mobile app, you will have the item paid for! Soundpays is also safe and secure, and you have the opportunity to review items in your cart before making the purchase. I know, it’s pretty epic #MicDrop.

Current exclusive deals on Showcase by Soundpays include hot-items, such a VR headsets, Cards Against Humanity, and more!

The Soundpays app is completely free to download, and is available for Iphone and Android.

Download it at the app-store here:

or if you’re an Android user, download Soundpays for free here:

This post has been brought to you by Soundpays.

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