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Boxing Day Shopping Tips

posted by The Prep Guy December 26, 2013 0 comments

Boxing day has been one of my favourite days of the year since I was a little kid. My dad, sister and I usually would leave the house at 6 am and attack the amazing deals. Over the years I have learned a few things that could probably help you budget & truly save.

Tip 1. Make a list of items that you need!

I know that this may sound like common sense but the essence of shopping on a budget is to weave any impulse and bull-you-know-what buys. But than again I don’t mean putting your groceries on your list either. Boxing day is probably the only day that you can actually get decent savings on designer splurge merchandise, technology, furniture… So make a list of items that are the most necessary, and to which you want to make the most savings on and what price you are willing to pay for it. For example; you would obviously go for a TV over a Burberry Bag, but if you are only saving $30 on the TV but you are saving 60% off the bag… GO FOR THE BAG.
Tip 2. Don’t Go Crazy!

By crazy, I mean those psychotic shoppers that think it is normal to push and shove people for a little saving. Don’t be “that person” and remember to keep your cool, even if another person is provoking you. Also aside from being violent, you don’t want to empty out your wallet for good deals either. Spend within your budget or underneath it. For “The Prep Guy” go for fashion items such as, well-made dress shirts, suits, shoes, leather goods, and a next years winter coat while it is on sale. It saves you the hassle of shelling out higher dollars later on in the year and makes your trip worth while. 
Tip 3. Don’t Bother if You Aren’t Going To Buy
You really have to evaluate whether you have the money to buy before you decide and pressure yourself to go. There are many cons to boxing day shopping such as the crazy shoppers, hot stores, long line-ups, etc…. So really I would probably advise you to not bother if you know that you aren’t going to get anything. 
Tip 4. Have FUN!

My father making it into a family tradition really made boxing day more meaningful than randomly shelling out doe. So make it sentimental, exciting, for those who have kids – take them (age 10+… please no irritating kids everywhere), and shop till you drop!

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