Brands to Love – Ulterior Motive – Tie Week Edition

A Conversation with Håkan Bruce the Founder & Designer of Ulterior Motive, 
A rising Men’s Accessories Brand about His Brand and Himself…

About the Brand
With the Ulterior Motive brand as our platform, we have launched bold designs in various areas, such as ties, wallets, socks, etc. Our ambition is to offer men in different ages something new opposed to all conservative accessories available today. Ulterior Motive is more rock than business.
Ties are, and have in the brief history of Ulterior Motive always been, an important part of our line. When it comes to ties, our philosophy is that you can wear it just about anytime. We believe the reason why (almost) nobody does this today is that the ties that you find in stores are either meant for business or dinner parties. Our question is – why can’t you have a tie at the weekend barbeque?
Inspiration for our designs can come from anything. A movie, people on the street and of course fashion and design. However, it tends to be on my travels that most designs originates. The best motivation is to see the final product live in my hand, and even better still – worn by a customer!

About Håkan Bruce 
I’m the owner and designer of Ulterior Motive and I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden. Have also lived in Melbourne, Australia as well as Hong Kong. Originally I’m an engineer by degree (and have worked a whole lot of years in the IT / Tech world), but Ulterior Motive is my passion and, since April this year, full time occupation in parallell with taking care of my baby daughter.

Style wise for myself I tend to dress in dark jeans, (usually blue-ish) shirt with rolled up sleeves and a tie tucked in between the second and third button to avoid soaking it in the cup of coffee I always have present at my desk. My style in three words: well-dressed but relaxed.

Here Are Our Favourite Styles from Ulterior Motive

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