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The Worst Menswear Trends of 2016

posted by The Prep Guy January 5, 2017 1 Comment

Hey Prepsters,

2016 was a really interesting year, but what I really realized in the menswear scope, was that menswear finally started breaking out of its mould on a larger scale. Since it has been making headlines that chokers for men are to be “a thing” this year, which is a major NO, I found it to be an appropriate time to share a few things that we don’t need to carry on into the new year. No longer was menswear just about wearing suiting, blazers, cardigans, and pretty much everything else that I loved. Technically speaking, it is a great thing for menswear to become more experimental, however, we faced a multitude of horrible menswear trends… that should just be left behind….and die *dramatic voice*. So here’s my list of the worst menswear trends of 2016

1. Tour Merchandise

With some of the world’s biggest musicians creating their own overpriced tour merchandise, of course this trend was going to take off. Although I can appreciate the idea of creating tour merch that doesn’t necessarily look like a cheap $2 t-shirt with a graphic print- being retailed for $70; some people abused the hype. Social media was definitely the fuel of this trend and though it may not disappear, we can definitely see a little less of it this year.

2. Overtly Distressed Denim

I actually enjoy the look of a mildly distressed jean, however, designers and consumers took it a notch too far by pairing overtly ripped jeans. Some of these jeans really looked like a hyena had gotten to them. Worst of all, they paired it with my next worst menswear trend of 2016, which takes us to….

3. Ripped/Torn T-Shirts

This trend was just hideous and wrong on all levels. I’m sorry but we really have Yeezy to blame for this one. Undoubtably, Kanye has proven to have a huge influence in fashion in our current day and age, but this takes the cake for being one that is borderline painful.

4. Tropical Shirts

Tropical and Hawaiian shirts are pretty much the “Fetch” of menswear.. and as we all know, the saying goes “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN”. Let’s just hope Harry Styles doesn’t try to make “Fetch” happen again this year.

5. Track Suits

Last up on my list is an article of clothing that should be left for the gym, the track suits. We saw “athleisure” become one of the hottest trends of 2016 and in menswear period. I love the idea of wearing trainers, cool hoodies and even track pants as a style statement… but where it goes wrong is when people think it’s okay to wear them as an whole ensemble, versus wearing select pieces as separates.

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1 Comment

Lesley Metcalfe January 6, 2017 at 11:00 am

You nailed it, Syed! I’ll be happy to see all of these menswear trends go.


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