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Christian Cathor is an authentic British leather bag house crafting exclusive quality leather bags made in our factory East London; inspired by the beauty and lifestyle of London. Christian Cathor’s mission is to bring the fascinating London lifestyle to the world and to captivate, inspire and dream.

Christian Cathor uses full grain leather, which develops a patina over time that protects the leather and gives it a lovely aged finish.

Every detail is important to Christian Cathor. The brand uses corded wax linen thread, which will not rot or break, in addition to brass hardware and only premium European leather.

Fun fact: the reason for which Christian Cathor uses European leather is that in Europe, animals eat grass and are less likely to have scratches and insect bites. In other parts of the world this is not the case; animals are fed grains which makes them grow faster and insect bites tend to make the leather uneven and likely to have marks.

Christian Cathor is made bespoke in Britain; and buyers get a stamp of authenticity with Christian Cathor bags; quality exclusive products.

In this post, I am wearing the Piper Ray Backpack by Christian Cathor, which features an additional monogramming to personalize it. I love the quality and the unique design of the bag.

You can shop the Piper Ray Backpack and more at

Major announcement:

Christian Cathor has released the “Make Your Own Bag” App which allows users to create beautiful, high quality bags to their likings – with the bespoke British craftsmanship of Christian Cathor. Click here for further details on the Make Your Own Bag app.

Be sure to check out Christian Cathor on Twitter and Instagram, as well as

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Natoya April 17, 2017 at 4:19 pm

You surely did our bag justice, such a lovely piece, thank you ?


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