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I love sharing hot risings brands in the fashion market, and given that I am a sunglass fiend, I was super excited to share SPINE with you all. SPINE is a revolutionary eyewear brand that features a hinge which provides for the perfect fit, for all activities. The eyewear brand is greatly suited for people with an active lifestyle, that are looking for beautifully crafted eyewear pieces that are both fashionable and functional.

Inspired by the interaction between vertebrae, SPINE is crafted with continual flexibility, and will morph to fit any face shape or head size – providing optimal comfort, fit and durability. Constructed with patented micro injected metal (MiM) hinges, there are no screws used in the working mechanism of SPINE. Even better, the temples shut automatically when removed from the face minimizing the wear and tear of the frame.

Invented by Italian designer Guido Medana, the SPINE hinge is a result of Guido’s lifelong career in engineering. Drawing from his expertise in a myriad of technical fields, SPINE is his ultimate solution to hinge design in the optical world. Guido is currently finalising the next evolution in SPINE hinges. All I can tell you is that it’s going to be smaller, lighter and in new materials.

The SPINE style has been created in triumvirate between the creative teams at Mondottica, REM and Centennial. Together the teams have pooled their international expertise to create a modern men’s collection designed for everyday wear. Classic, minimal shapes are packed with design signatures to discover, from the brand’s signature tip to their SPINE nosepads.

My Experience with SPINE

As I mentioned earlier, I am a sunglass fiend, and I wear frames from designer fashion houses like TOM FORD and Saint Laurent, etc., to less expensive brands such as ALDO, etc. But I can honestly say, I was extremely pleased with the SPINE eyewear pieces that I tried. What I loved is that the brands eyewear is crafted from high end materials, aluminum, cellulose acetate and stainless steel – which are typical for brands that are offering sunglasses from a high end price range. Yet the fit is unparalleled to any other eyewear brand I own. The sunglasses are also lightweight and extremely comfortable but still feel luxurious. I also appreciated the brand for offering the timeless styles such as the aviator and the wayfarer, which I am showcasing in this post, with their wicked SPINE technology. I would highly recommend these to any eyewear fanatics and especially to any readers looking for frames that are suitable for everyday use.

For further information:

Canadian consumers can ask their local Optician or Optometrist about these frames or they can contact and also visit

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