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Hey Prepsters,

I am stoked to announce that I am partnering with GO Transit for this post! I have been a GO Transit user since my family and I moved to Canada 13 years ago. But over the past 5 years of being in university, I use the GO Transit system at least 3 times a week. In the times I have taken the GO, there have been moments where you watch or engage in poor transit etiquette. I have seen it all; from riders pushing and shoving to get on the train; taking up more than their fair share of space; or blasting music or chatting in the Quiet Zone. Trust me, if you find these situations a little bit irritating, you’re not alone!

That’s why, GO Transit wants to encourage myself and everyone who is reading this to share their #EtiquetteFail story, whether it was a fail that you committed or a fail you witnessed. Either way, it will help ensure that everyone knows what to avoid in terms of an embarrassing fail in the future.

I actually shared the biggest pet peeve using the hashtag on #EtiquetteFail on twitter and asked a few of y’all to chime in! Here’s what you had to say:

So please join in the conversation, get social and let’s all make the GO Transit experience better for everyone! Share your #EtiquetteFail experiences on twitter and don’t forget to follow and tag @GOTransit!

PS: I created a visual list below of some of my personal pet peeves and biggest #EtiquetteFail (s)!
People who stand past the yellow line! It’s not cool nor is it safe!


Especially when they do it for an Instagram pic!

Chatting Loudly in the Quiet Zone is so not cute

And the worst, people who engage in multiple fails at the same time!

Spreading Out, A Seat for your Bag, Talking on the phone in the Quiet Zone

This post has been sponsored by GO Transit.

For more information on GO Transit, please visit

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