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Hey Prepsters!

As some of you all may know, I have been working hard this year to be more active and also take strides to work on my fitness! So when Planet Fitness asked my sister and I to check out their newest location in Toronto, I was stoked. The new Planet Fitness location at Gerrard Square, Toronto is immaculate, and we were so lucky to have Danni Allen, the Winner of The Biggest Loser season 14, to show us around.

Upon entering the spacious gym, the first thing I noticed how many machines were available, which is so crucial when you’re looking to get a quick workout in your day without having to wait for equipment.

As Danni took us through the gym and shared some information about Planet Fitness, I realized how quiet and clean it was. The gym really believes in being a Judgement Free Zone, which means that everyone is accepted and made to feel comfortable. A fun feature is the ‘Lunk Alarm,’ which goes off if people are making obnoxious noises, grunts, being unsafe, etc. I think it’s super neat and a great way to ensure that everyone feels at ease. In general, I love the idea that Planet Fitness is creating a safe place for everyone to feel like they belong and can get active without being judged.

The machines in the gym are really cool, including some that are exclusive to Planet Fitness! My personal favourite machine sections in the gym were the PF 360 and the 30 minute workout. The PF 360 is a unique concept machine, which is exclusive to Planet Fitness. This 360 machine allows users to get a full body workout in a quick routine. The 30 Minute Workout area was also unique because the set up allows you to get a full body workout in a really easy to learn and fast way. Additionally, they have pretty much every other kind of workout machine that you can think of (treadmills, ellipticals, etc). A great feature is the barcode on each machine. Using a Planet Fitness app, you can scan the code with your device and, watch instructional videos on how to use them.

A few other incredible features about Planet Fitness Gerrard Square are that the location is 24/7, the stretching room and the fact that for the black card membership, you have access to their spa amenities!

Personally speaking, my schedule is all over the place and I don’t always get to go to gyms during the daytime, so having access all night is key, especially because the gym is also staffed during midnight hours, ensuring safety for everyone. The stretching room at the back o the gym is also a great space where you can do yoga or stretch before and/or after your workout, without having to do so in front of everyone!

Finally, the epic spa area! As mentioned earlier, this is available to black card members! This area boasts incredible hydro massage machines, tanning beds, and the incredible Body Enhancement Machine!

At Planet Fitness, there are two types of memberships, and what’s incredible about them is that they both include classes and personal training sessions. I’ve been to gyms before that always try to sell me training sessions for crazy amounts of money, so it’s a relief to know that the sessions are included in your membership.

The Basic Membership:

With this membership, you get access to one Planet Fitness location and access to training sessions and classes for only $10/month.

The Black Card Membership:

This upgraded membership allows you to have full access to any of the 1300+ Planet Fitness locations across North America, the ability to bring a guest anytime and have access to the amazing Black Card Spa for only $20/Month.


I have never been to a gym that is so inviting and comfortable before! Also, Planet Fitness’ prices aren’t fictional; they’re just really that incredible! To put things into perspective, I’m currently at a gym that costs 7 times more for no amenities and it is not 24/7. So I highly recommend Planet Fitness for anyone and everyone!

This post is sponsored by Taymax Planet Fitness. In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own

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