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Hey Prepsters!

As you all know I am one of the biggest watch junkies on the internet, well a rising collector is a better way to frame it. I genuinely love all watches, from all different price ranges and I want to show you all the best of both worlds. I’ve had dozens of emails/tweets/dm’s asking me about awesome watches that are affordable, and a brand that always comes to mind is SWATCH. I absolutely adore SWATCH, as they have been such a revolutionary and iconic figure in horology. Today, I am excited to share another one of SWATCH’s revolutionary models, the SISTEM51 collection.

Here are the different SISTEM51 styles.

Here are the different SISTEM51 styles.

The SISTEM51 collection is the world’s first mechanical movement watch which is entirely assembled by automation. The watch boasts 51 components formed on 1 central screw with a 90 hours power reserve. Did I mention it is 100% Swiss Made? #ICONIC. The style that I am wearing is the SISTEM51 CLOUDS. The style features a reflective camouflage print, and 6 signature red dots.

My thoughts: I love it. It’s super light-weight, and is a great entry level watch which is accessible-luxury to everyone. I think it is awesome that there is a fun, stylish and affordable mechanical movement watch.

The SISTEM51 is available online and in store at SWATCH locations everywhere.

Please note that this is a genuine review + information guide of the product. I test every watch for at least 1-2 weeks of daily wear to provide an informative and honest feedback. If I wouldn’t wear it, neither should you.

Be sure to share your thoughts on the SWATCH SISTEM51 in the comment section below.

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