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Hey Prepsters,

A couple of weeks ago, I headed over to the SWATCH preview with the squad, Earl (The Male Style Pro) and Jonathan (Mr. Cavaliere), whom I forced to attend with me after a Gillette event. Right off the bat, I was intrigued by this preview because it was at a flower shop, which was a super fun idea, which will make more sense in a little bit. At the event SWATCH previewed 8 different collections that are either out now or will be released in the up coming months.


The first collection, Floralia, which was the inspiration for having the event at a flower shop, was definitely a fun, whimsical and feminine design collection. Available this March.

The second collection, Metallix,was absolutely stunning. The collection featured shiny, blingged out pieces that are completely epic. Guys keep a look out for the following two styles, Model: New Gent in Shiny Moon and Goldenall (trust me, you will thank me later). Metallix is available this March.

The third collection, Es War Einmal, also featured quirky and fun styles like the one below, which was inspired by dracula. Available online now:

The fourth collection, Sistem 51, is actually a very cool product. The next blog post will feature my review of the Sistem 51 cloud watch, as the Sistem 51 collection is so revolutionary that it needs it own post to explain its awesomeness. Until then, you can get a head start by checking out/finding your own Sistem 51 piece here:

The fifth collection; Beach Swing,  was my favourite collection out of the more fun and colourful ranges. The watermelon print watch is definitely on my wish list. The beach swing collection will be available this April.

The sixth collection, Xlite, is also another revolutionary product line. This collection get’s it “Xlite” name from it’s extremely light weight. The light weight is from SWATCH switching out a stainless steel case for aluminium, which I think is just brilliant. This collection is perfect for every guy, with pieces that are sporty – and also dressy. This collection will be available in March.

The seventh collection, Power Tracking, is available in stores now. This collection is great for the techie guy who loves a contemporary and sleek design on his wrist.

Lastly, the eighth collection, Africana. This collection is bright, colourful and right on trend. Featuring bold tribal prints which will definitely be the ultimate accent to your summer looks. The collection is available in April.

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