Heritage footwear brand Grenson was founded in 1866, and 150 years later, the brand has become more popular than ever with wide spread of fans. Grenson’s SS16 collection features some of the brands most iconic styles, that have been meticulously reproduced with the brand’s quality craftsmanship. Here are 24 styles from the brands look book.

gren2 gren3 gren4 gren5 gren6 gren7 gren8 gren9 gren10 gren11 gren12 gren13 gren14 gren15 gren16 gren17 gren18 gren19 gren20 gren21 gren22 gren23 gren24

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  1. Love the boots and the brogues! The monk straps are going to have to grow on me though..all of these are so unique aesthetically.

    DJ |

    1. The Prep Guy Author says:

      Hey DJ!
      I agree, the monks + cutouts are an interesting concept. But we have to break some rules 😉

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