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Welcome to the second #BringingPreppyBack post. #BringingPreppyBack is a series of outfit posts that we will be continuing throughout the year to help all men add a little bit of prep style into their own wardrobe.

Although the nautical look falls under it’s own category, I personally believe that it is a subcategory of Prep style. The nautical look is essentially inspired by ocean tones and also by the clothing worn by the navy. The Nautical look largely consists of hues of blue, whites, and neutral tones, tans, citrus tones, linens, gold accessories, stripes, and is most popular between the spring and summer seasons. However, I styled a look that is still very nautical, yet can be worn throughout the fall/winter season.

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I started my look off with a light blue denim shirt from Joe Fresh. I then layered my striped sweater, also from Joe Fresh, over the sweater. This sweater is a perfect fit for the fall/winter season because it has a nice wool blend for extra warmth. For my pant, I went for my new Fulton skinny white trousers from Banana Republic. Do note to purchase white pants with a substantial amount of stretch in them, as they are definitely less forgiving than darker trousers.

To really winterize the look, I opted for my Banana Republic Camel Coat, which added a nice sand/neutral tone to work with the look. I literally had all of the colours from the beach on me by the end of the look, but hey, that’s nautical style for ya.

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Here’s where I had a little bit of fun, with the accessories. My friends at J.Crew recently collaborated with Design Miami and created a limited edition collection with the legendary illustrator Pierre Le-Tan, and they were kind enough to gift me a few pieces. When I saw the socks with flamingos on them, I knew my life had officially been made and I needed the darn flamingos on my feet. Typically I rock a portfolio and was contemplating on doing so again, but I was like let me rock my new J.Crew notebook instead. On a serious note, the collection is super fun and for the gent that’s looking for a few fun pieces to step up his look, I think it’s definitely something you should look into (Click here)

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.22.48 PM

I added a little bit of nautical glitz to my look with a gold accessories, my BULOVA Surveyor watch & reflective blue lens aviators from Le Chateau. I literally love the fact that these sunglasses were a complete steal, for only $22 at in comparison to a $$$ from other brands.

To complete the look, I rocked my Hush Puppies style brogues in the sharp tan colour. Ps: these were a part of my collaboration with Hush Puppies, and you can check out my 7 essential picks from their FW15 collection here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.25.34 PM

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  1. Yes, a very preppy outfit indeed. It’s a really complete look, in the way the pieces are combined, it has preppyness all over it – even down to the socks ! 😉

    / Alix N,

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