Grooming & Style Gadgets You Need in 2017 ft. Conair

Hey Prepsters,

This is the year of improving your style in more ways the one. The obvious decision would be to dress better in your everyday life. However, style entails more than just what you are wearing. It is also about the tools of the trade that help you look & feel your best. For this post, I will be focusing on gadgets/tools that you can use for skin, body and clothing from our friends at Conair.

Conair is one of those brands that everyone is familiar with and owns at least one product that we all love. However, there is more to Conair than just hair-styling tools. Although they are pretty much the masters of the hair tool gadgets, I wanted to also bring light to items that I have tested and approved of from the brand.

Conair Even-Cut

I am not going to lie, but I was quite skeptical of cutting my own hair. However, I gave the Conair even-cut a go, and was genuinely impressed. I used the product to cut my hair all around my head, besides the centre, which is a look I typically ask for at the Barbershop. If you missed it, I demonstrated the product on my Instagram stories *follow @ThePrepGuy* and even some of y’all were nervous for me, but as a group we seemed to be pretty amazed. To complete my hair styling, I used my trimmer to create a hard part to add depth. The product uses a dual blade for an even cut, has a lithium ion tech for extra power, and only requires simple back and forth motion.


Conair Turbo Extreme Steam

A handheld steamer is literally the greatest garment oriented tool any man or woman can own. Move over traditional irons! Last year, I purchased a Conair handheld steamer and instantly fell in love. The Conair Turbo Extreme Steam on the contrary is like that steamer on steroids! This guy is a powerhouse. I use it for steaming my outfits, my bed sheets, my sofas and curtains! Because it is so powerful, it removes odours, bed bugs and dust mites, while leaving behind a crisp ironed look.

Conair True Glow for the Feet

Tired of ugly callused feet? Well I would say I am, but I liked to take care of mine! If you’re looking for a tool to help you get the best feet out there, this is the tool for you. Additionally, the True Glow also comes in a face product. This left my feet cleaner and more radiant.

Conair True Glow for the Face

This gadget is a great way to get your skin cleaner – faster and more effectively. You simply apply water to your face and a little bit of your favourite cleaner on the brush and go to town. Absolutely loved the results.

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