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What is TOM*?
Menswear in Toronto is about to change for the better thanks to TOM*FW – Toronto Mens Fashion Week. The Canadian Menswear market is in need of growth and TOM* will be allowing Canadian Menswear designers to get the recognition that domestic brands deserve. TOM* is also making history in another way being the first ever Canadian Mens Fashion Week and will be one of eight of its kind in the world.

The Designers:
TOM* is going to be such an exciting experience for myself and many other fashion lovers. I am super excited to see Christopher Bates, Benji WZW, Sons of Odin, ToThem, HD HOMME to name a few. Click Here to see the full designer list! 
EMDA – Emerging Menswear Designer Award
TOM* will be also hosting the EMDA – Emerging Menswear Designer Award, an initiative with the Toronto Fashion Incubator. The finalist of the EMDA are 5 exciting menswear brands including, Andrew Coimbra, Som Kong, Patrick Salonga, Joao Paulo Guedes and Rani Kim. The EMDA will be judged upon the following criteria; visual appearance, style, brand communication and marketability. The winner will be awarded a $10,000 cash prize toward their next collection, a spot-lighted show at next season’s TOM* and of course the oppurunity to be seen and recognized for their talent on global scale. The Judge Panel for the EMDA will be; Jeff Rustia, the Executive Director and Founder of TOM*, Designer David Dixon, and Susan Langdon, Executive Director of Toronto Fashion Incubator. 
The Importance of TOM*
The EMDA is one of the many highlights of TOM* itself as it will be hosting many events and parties, as well as the main course – the fashion presentations. I am excited to be heading to TOM* and I want to emphasize the importance of the event in the Canadian Fashion Industry. Canadian Brands need the recognition of the brands that are shown in Milan, Paris and NYC – and I know that our domestic designers are just as talented. TOM* truly is what will allow our emerging and existing designers to grow internationally and it is definitely something I want to be a part of. Also be sure to say hello if you do see me there!
Dates & Schedule
TOM*FW will be during August 12-14th and below is the full schedule.


Contact Information:
Also for extra information be sure to call TOM*FW hotline at 416.467.6667
National (Canada) Inquiries:

See you there Prepsters
-The Prep Guy

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