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Hey Prepsters,

Goal setting can seem like it is an overwhelming thing to do, especially when you reflect on everything that happened (or didn’t happen) in the year before. I honestly feel so blessed to be able to do what I love, which is blogging, and my resolutions for last year were mostly met. One of the goals, that I unfortunately didn’t meet, was to lose a large sum of weight. But I realized this year, that my approach was incorrect. Instead of aiming for a healthier and more active lifestyle, I was hoping that the pounds would shed off magically. Instead of dwelling on what I could have done better, I thought it would be more productive to do better this year. However, a lot of amazing things did happen for me; from gracing my first print commercial for Nautica in Sharp Magazine – to getting to work with brands that I’ve only dreamt of working with, and being represented by FFM/Rock it Promo which is a dream come true. Additionally, my school grades are better than ever, and I found myself being able to juggle more things by being more organized.


For 2017, I want to improve my life and hopefully even inspire some of y’all to set a few achievable/measurable goals of your own, by sharing mine. I read a QOTD on twitter which to paraphrase, said that when you share your goals, you feel more inclined to accomplish them. Given that I have you all as an audience to motivate myself, I thought it would be helpful if I shared it with you all.


Be the best version of who I was yesterday, today.

We can all be a little bit too harsh on ourselves, and we often dwell on the negative things in our lives rather than make a change. My main goal for this year is to be a happier, healthier and kinder version of who I was yesterday – and make it a daily goal to be better than who I was the day before. I plan on being more charitable, focused, and loving. I want to use the platform that you have all given myself by following me, to speak on important topics that I believe in, and spread happiness. Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to share my personal story of my Depression and Anxiety disorder at Ryerson University’s Share My Story event as guest speaker. It was truly an amazing feeling to open up to people, in person and also have the chance to hear their stories.

Lead a healthier, more active lifestyle & lose 90 lbs through this.

Some of the people who inspire me the most when it comes to fitness include my blogger friends Sasha Exeter of & Christian Thompson of I look at their feeds and get inspired to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, which is a  great source of inspiration. The two have inspired me to really start taking my health more seriously, and take working out more seriously as well. In December, I started working out with my friend and fitness guru, Matthew Pasquale, who is the founder of Apex Training Centre in Dufferin, Toronto. He helped me kick off my fitness journey and I’m proud to say that in the month of January, I lost a total of 9 lbs. I plan on continuing this path to fitness and health. At the same time, I am still very much a believer in loving the skin your in, no matter what size you are. But we need to also love our bodies, and to really treat your body right, you need to take care of it through activity and a healthier nutrition regimen. I plan on working on my lifestyle to ensure that I can ultimately reach my weightless goal.

Spending more time with Family and Friends

The blogger world is tough, and with my insanely busy school & blog schedules, I often don’t get the time to share amazing experiences with my family members and friends. One of my biggest regrets of last year was leaving my Pakistan trip early for Fashion Week, when everyone else was heading to a resort in the beautiful mountain regions. I realized, that it is all about balance and priorities. Of course, work does come first a lot of times, but I need to value my time with family and friends more, so that I don’t end up missing beautiful moments that I can treasure forever.

I hope you guys enjoyed this read! I am forever grateful for everyone’s kindness and support and I wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful 2017.


Syed Sohail

The Prep Guy


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